how to write a letter

letter sample business

letter sample business

How to write a letter ? There are uses to respect when writing a letter (or email). Want to show your good education and make you spend as someone serious? Do not write anything and especially look after the presentation and the wording of your letter.  It is not directed to a friend as a business relationship. Learn how to start a letter and final salutations , following our letter templates.

Write a letter

Paper color

For all that is professional or official, use plain paper , white, at best, a pale color like beige, sky blue or very pale gray.

Avoid bright colors.

But if your correspondent is an intimate, all colors, all genres are allowed, all but ruled paper torn paper at the kitchen block.

The paper size

The size the more current is 21 x 29,7 cm, and the basis weight of 90 to 110g.

The color of the ink

If there is a wedding invitation all colors are allowed, both an ink orange that raw green, provided the meet on the envelope .

If the letter is professional prefer a pen black or blue ink.

address printed or engraved

If you e Crivez much, if you are a man, you can print, and even more chic, burn your address (not your name) on the top left of the paper.

A woman, she will burn or print his first name and surname, not his address.

The name and address of the sender

Place the top left of the page, your name - the first name and last name (and not the opposite, which is seriously lacking elegance!).

Below write down your address , even below your postal code and city.

Always on the line, so you need as you follow, you add your mobile number and still the line, your address email.

The name and address of the consignee

You will place on the same lines where you entered your name and address, but right.

The purpose of the letter or reference

Place this statement a few lines below your address , taking into account the margin left

The date

If you choose to align left, you will notice the time a few lines below the object.

Respecting the margin.

Otherwise, either the center or the shift based on the withdrawal you will use to begin your paragraphs. Note first the city and then the day .

Ex: Paris, ...

The header

Join the header below the day , a few lines down, respecting either the left margin, or withdrawal.

If you do not know the recipient, choose:

-   Mr. or Mrs.

S i you have already met this person:

- Dear Sir or Madam

If there is a business relationship:

- Dear Claudine Wayser or expensive André Dupont

Sometimes, depending on the function of certain persons, the Convention requires to write the title of the person.

Write :

- A lawyer, bailiff, notary or auctioneer: Master

- A Cardinal: Eminence

- To a priest: Father  

- In general: My general if a man writing

or General if it is a woman who writes

(Valid for all senior military officers)

- A mayor: Sir or Madam Mayor

- A doctor: Doctor

- A minister: Mr. or Madam (the) Minister

- The Minister of Justice: Mr. or Madam Attorney 

- Pope: Most Holy Father

- A prefect Sir or Madam (the) prefect (e)

- The President of the Republic: Mr. or Mrs. President of the Republic

The titles of president, minister, attorney general or prefect will keep for life.

Errors not to commit

Always letter or email with a heading

Never begin a letter with " I "

Never write the date abbreviated

Never write " Monday "

In your headers and your polite phrases in the text of your letter, as on the envelope, do not omit any capital .

Eg Sir or madam, Madam Minister .

The uses   to respect

The correspondance Companies and individuals can not escape certain conventions.

One must write the name and address of the sender, the name and address of the recipient , the date, header text, salutation and the reference or object.

sometimes only the layout changes.

Some prefer that the text is aligned with the left margin, others begin each paragraph with a withdrawal.

What matters is the clarity of the letter.

Write a letter: Text

Start writing  about, at the middle of the page. If the letter is written by hand, write without any temperature and right.

If you doubt your abilities, use of a guide line.

Observe the margins . The margin left should not exceed more than 4 centimeters and the right, 2 centimeters.

Write a letter to a public service

Contact the relevant persons. Be clear about the purpose of this letter or your request.Be as specific as possible.

Give all relevant information, stating clearly in the letter all the steps you have already taken and if necessary the services you have contacted.

Remember not to join the photocopy of relevant documents that might support your statements or your application, and number them. (Keep the originals.)

Add, below: the purpose of the letter, then still under your reference (if it is eg social security write your registration number or if it is of the Caisse d'Allocations family No. of your beneficiary).

Even lower register marked Attachments.

On this line, you specify the numbers of the documents you sent to them.

Finally, attach to file an envelope stamped mentioning your details.

Errors not to commit

Your letter is written? Read it!

- Correct spelling mistakes, grammar, rehearsals, "I am," I was ", etc ...

- Do not forget the capital, however, remove one month of the date

- Check accents , dot the "i ", and punctuation.

- Put parentheses the exact meaning of abbreviations or acronyms that might be incomprehensible to your correspondent.

- Do not use pretentious salutations

The final salutations

the basic

- Yours sincerely, Yours sincerely

- Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

- Please accept, Sir, my respectful greetings.

A man wrote to a woman or a man

- "Please accept, Madam, the assurances of my highest consideration"

- Please accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration "

 A man wrote to a woman he knows well

- Accept or please accept, dear Madam, the assurances of my distinguished feelings

- I beg you to believe, dear Madam, the expression of my devoted sentiments

A woman wrote to a woman she considers higher or the same social level it:

Please accept, Madam,
- the expression of my distinguished feelings

- In my respectful remembrance

- The assurance of my feelings or my heartfelt sympathy

A woman wrote to a younger start his formula of politeness by:

  - Believe

A woman wrote to a young friend start his formula politeness by:

- Accept

Errors not to commit

Avoid the formula : Please accept Sir, the assurance of my highest consideration. "The term" insurance " has no clear connotation

Remember to add the word " expression " (eg, the assurances of my highest consideration " in your salutation, if you want to witness a greater respect for the caller.

If you need to write to a friend never end your letter with these two formulas: " please accept or receive" but " accept " .

A man, a woman avoids abuse his feelings

Do not use the formula: " Please accept, Sir, the expression of my highest consideration "

Write " Please accept, Excellency, my greetings distinguished ."

It expresses feelings not greetings.

Write a letter: The signature

If the letter is formal or professional, at the bottom of page, write your names and names in capital letters then on, sign.

If the letter is intended for knowledge sign only your first name .

Sign on the right or the center , even in a letter in which the text is aligned.

Sample letters

Letter easy , letters recommended, letter of complaints, thanks, termination, resignation, love, etc. ...

If, despite our advice, writing a letter anguish you again, if you do not breathe, do not insist, go on the internet , here you will find thousands of models letters Free.

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