Technician Job description


This technician occupies a key position in all industrial enterprises and companies specializing in maintenance. His goal: to ensure continuity of production and reliability of equipment. Everything to avoid stopping production is his obsession. He is very caring with the equipment (regular visits, changing rooms ...) in case of failure, it repairs urgently. The opportunities are good for holders of vocational baccalaureate, BTS or DUT.

Professional life

Growing needs

Indispensable in all industrial sectors: automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, transport, food, chemicals, biomedical, nuclear. maintenance recruits.Production companies are the main recruiters, followed by supplier companies. Nearly two-thirds of jobs are in the provinces.

A wide range of positions

The maintenance technicians can occupy a range of positions within a company: security manager, account manager, research and development, maintenance specialist computer aided. Some sectors (aerospace, cold) require professional trained in their specific techniques.

Development opportunities

Two imperatives for change in maintenance: be versatile and have experience. An experienced technician can become a team leader. It can also develop into responsible positions in manufacturing and quality. In all cases, continuing education is an important asset.

Beginner's salary

Between 1500 and 1900 euros gross / month

Working conditions

On the production facilities

The industrial maintenance technician works mainly on factory production facilities and transport equipment (automotive, aerospace, rail, marine). Always team it is in permanent contact with internal departments of the company and external partners.

On site or remotely

With the advent of industrial computing, the working conditions have changed. Today we can troubleshoot without traveling: the remote. Diagnosis is then remotely by phone or on the internet. In an emergency, it must be available and ready to intervene at any time. Beware irregular hours: failure not expected.

With IT tools

The service technician works on automated equipment, following the instructions of a computer program. Interposed diagnosis expert system, document management or spare parts. this expert in CAM (Computer Assisted Maintenance) offers specialized computer tools.

Skills Technician

The taste of the art

Companies are looking for professionals with technical knowledge in the following disciplines: automation, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, industrial electricity. Place the profiles curious, always looking for the latest technology and ready to keep constantly upgraded.

The meaning of communication

In maintenance, be a whiz technology is not enough. Namely to inform is also a priority. Being able to listen, to talk and convince are valuable assets for future "pro" maintenance. Doors open to those who enjoy working in a team to solve complex problems.

Able to adapt

Today, companies are looking for flexible professionals, available and ready to challenge themselves, to better evolve. red carpet technicians' maintenance personnel, "able to adapt constantly, both new hardware and to new failures. Groovy Profile, beware!

Nature of the work

Anticipating failure

All to avoid the breakdown and interruption of production is the priority objective of the "pros" of preventive maintenance. Any technical failure that can lead to high additional costs, better leverage the control, monitoring and regular maintenance of equipment. Focus on planning intervention.


Though, if a failure occurs, we must then act quickly. Using test and measurement, the maintenance technician makes a diagnosis and perform operations as required. At her to change a defective part, change settings, correct some data the computer program which controls the automated machines. and perform the reactivation.

Optimize the production tool

Seeking to improve the reliability and the production tool: it is also the role of the technician who seeks by all means to reduce costs. Always on the lookout for technological developments, designs and delivers solutions to optimize security and performance of materials.

Training to access the job

The industrial maintenance courses cover a wide range of technical fields: mechanical, electrical, electronic, electrical, hydraulic. Overview: Bac pro maintenance of industrial equipment (MEI) or technician aerostructures. After S bin or bin techno STI2D (sustainable development), prepare in two years, a BTS or a DUT is a choice praised by recruiters.

Some examples: BTS mechanical and industrial automation, BTS Industrial Maintenance, Electrical BTS, DUT Industrial Engineering and Maintenance, DUT electrical engineering and industrial computer. After a BTS or a DUT, some pro science and technology licenses oriented production management industrial, allow in a year, access to responsible positions in maintenance. remember: half of junior technicians have a bac + 2, 16% a vocational baccalaureate or techno. 19% of maintenance graduates were trained through apprenticeship.

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