Special Educator Resume Examples


We present below a sample resume of a special educator . This can also be used for a variety of jobs related to education as a teacher, for example, or any other related task.

It is important to change the CV's to personalize and reflect your own career profile.

Put yourself in the shoes of an employer looks at an application multitudes. He must choose one that will best suit what he looks like employee. It is in this document that he found the person as sought. So feel free to put forward the necessary skills for the position.

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special educator resume

special educator resume


educator specialist resume sample



2013 - 2014 specialized educator - School Appahian Homeland


  • Work with children in
    difficulty learning due to a disability.
  • Training other employees
    to better adapt their teaching approach.
  • Participation in several
    training workshops.


2010-2013 Internship in Special Education - School of the little prince


  • Assistance with the preparation of workshops
  • Pedagogical approach to learning


Skills and Abilities


I am a
perfectly bilingual in indi and English. I love working
with children, whether in good shape or have a disability.


data processing


Office                                Windows
XP, 7 and 8. Call iOS and Microsoft Office suites.




French                                      Language

English                                     spoken and read.





I do a lot of individual sports
in my free time: Running, biking and cross country skiing.


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