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Whether you're at the Academic Foundation, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Fulbright to a scholarship are applying - everywhere it says "Please formulate your resume out." And then? At length he should be. But please do not nine pages in font size eight.

Basically, in a fully formulated resume the same facts should be found as in the CV . In addition, you can do better to show who you are. You can change your decisions reflect and explain what has influenced your life. Use the chance!

Individuality permitted in CV

Whoever demands a formulated CV, want you to know as a person. Therefore, the second principle: You decide what you think is important and in writing and what you do not thematisierst.

Length: Less is sometimes more

But how extensively you shall tell your life? One clue is about two to four pages with font size 12 (Times New Roman) or 11 (Arial, Verdana) and two centimeters margin on the sides. A resume with eleven sides makes the verifier a lot of work. Just the experts CVs mostly volunteer along side their job. In addition to a long CV creates the impression that you're unable to concentrate on the essentials.

What you should mention the detailed CV

  • What experiences and life situations have you particularly strongly influenced?
  • What important decisions you have such love? Examples: study, gap year, study exchange, employer choice
  • What effect did these decisions for you? As they have advanced you in life?
  • What things are important to you in addition to university or work and why? Describe your involvement.

Rough Start

A good starting point for the formulated resume is your childhood with your family and the environment that has shaped you. But again: Individuality counts! You can also with an important event or a small anecdote start. Then you should explain your school career. Important here is that you also mention, had what interests you and what you have committed yourself.

High school and university: Spoilt for choice?

Showing what moved you to your choice of study and how you came to this decision. Have you, for example, brought your graduation subjects that? Or an internship after graduation? What are your main interests at the university? What fascinates you about your part? What can you thus achieve what you could with any other subject?

Your vision for the future

A good conclusion of the resume are the goals that you associate with your studies. Explain what job you seek and why. The famous red thread - It is important to show that you hinarbeitest at a target and your decisions consciously meet is. If you are to resume for a scholarship provider writing, here is also a good place to show why you are applying exactly this scholarship. What do you expect of your future?

explain critical phases

Difficult phases in your life you do not have to conceal. It is important that you sit apart so and show that you can learn from your mistakes. For a change of subject, for example, you need not be ashamed. Explain that you decided consciously for the new subject, and what you have learned from your decision. Keep it in the short Facts and work out your personal development. If you were abroad, not only the fact in itself is important, but also what you have learned thereby.

Errors in your resume: too detailed, too clumsy, too pathetic

You should avoid by all means clumsy self-praise and pathetic descriptions of your life. And formulated is not the same sprawling Thou shalt not tell all the details of your life, but the important things that have shaped you. Even if you brought to your German study your German teacher, you do not have to mention any individual lessons. Search you individual events out and explain clearly. Reflected CVs convincing - if you can justify your decisions convincing, you're on the right track.

Formal rules for the formulated CV

  • Two to four pages should be there.
  • Appealing formatting with 2 cm margin, font size 11 (Arial, Verdana) or 12 (Times New Roman) and a half line spacing.
  • With a clear outline of paragraphs and sub-headings you improve readability.
  • use the past tense. Prematurity is pressed from the pluperfect.
  • Write the CV in the first person ( "I was born.").
  • Correct spelling and punctuation - ask someone to read the CV. According to one reviewer included almost all submitted resumes numerous errors.

A Sample CV Format

curriculum vitae format

curriculum vitae format

example curriculum vitae format

example curriculum vitae format

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