The perfect complement to your resume


resumeCover letter and resume are complementary: The curriculum provides the facts with all the important details - the letter connects these facts with your motivation and the company's requirements. Here you can show that you own in addition to professional and personal qualifications for the job.

The letter should make you want more. Say so all the essentials and refer at the very end of your CV and your testimonies: "For more details, please refer to my CV and my testimonies". Not decay in empty phrases with embellishing adjectives .What do you say, should have hand and foot: Everything must be verifiable in your CV.

How much time will a cover letter?

A maximum of one page is the rule of thumb for the length of your cover letter. Multiple Pages to read HR reluctantly. This page you have to make clear. About two hours of work per letter is sufficient. If you are still standing at the beginning of your application process, you need certainly more time.

The form decides

The structure and content of your application must be perfect. that is especially true for letter and resume. Here it is decided whether the recruiters continue reading your documents. Use the spell checker in Word program and read you the letter several times carefully. Otherwise applies to the form only: you should be consistent and clear.

The cover letter to address the right person

"Dear Madam" is not the appropriate salutation for your letter. On the company's website usually a direct contact person. If not, you can ask to whom you should direct the application by phone. The first sentence should arouse interest and desire to make any further. Bring the HR professionals not to yawn with phrases like "I hereby apply to your ad ..." A phone call in advance is a good "icebreaker" because already held a first oral contact. You refer simply to run a phone call: ". Thank you for our friendly telephone conversation yesterday Enclosed I am sending you, as discussed, my complete application documents to." Then you can move straight to your actual topic.

Crop cover letter to the employer

Generally speaking, cutting the cover letter to the needs of the employer to. Explain the recruiters, what you can afford with your qualities in the post to be filled for the company. Record for the request to the advert description as a basis. but not repeat the requirements, the bored only. Thematizing the requirements, without falling into the advertising text lingo.Although you want to sell a product - your work force - but you should more convincing argument for this than the usual meaningless phrases.

making qualifications and intentions in the letter of application well

Why do you apply? What you want to achieve in the business? Why are you of all suitable for the position? Precision is required. Processed in the body of the information about the job profile. Put the accent on doing your qualifications, which in your opinion will play a key role in the candidate profile. Set up a connection is related to your past experience: "First experience in sales I gained as a student at the advertising company GAMMA 3 There I supported the acquisition of major customers.."

Install Small navaids

Make the reader a little through your documents. This you achieve by reference "to the CV and the witness evidence can be found that I have learned during my internships already know various aspects of the advertising industry." A reference, which also serves as a connection node and detection. Your cover letter is concrete. You claim not just that you know the advertising industry - so can you prove.

Healthy realism

Your experience and skills do not fit properly to the needs of the business? Let yourself why not get stuck in the section "also ran"! References to the transferability of your knowledge to the activities described. It's certainly not wrong when you mention at this point that you care for other areas: "So far I have collected project experience especially in-house consulting of a waste management company I gladly would like to bring this knowledge into your business My interest in.. working in a consulting firm is very large. "

Self-praise, self-confidence wins

Exaggerated self-expression comes not good. Your application is indeed in-house advertising. Nevertheless, the advertised from you qualities and experiences must be reflected in your resume and your testimonies. Your weaknesses you have not necessarily breittreten in your application. But if you lack an important skill for the workplace, you can not sweep under the carpet completely the. A good explanation is given as to why you lack these qualifications, softens the whole. Mach clear that you will ensure you deal more thoroughly in the job or in advance in order and readiness bring along, you quickly and effectively learn new tasks.

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