Qualities of a marketing assistant


introduction marketing assistant

Qualities of a marketing assistant, depending on the industry in which it operates vary. For example, marketing wizard who have to work for executives Assistant Marketing Manager a college degree. Higher-level marketing assistant may need to be oriented people because they deal with many types of employees and suppliers. There are also several other features of the marketing wizards that make them successful.


Marketing Assistants must be organized because of their wide range of tasks. For example, have some marketing wizard can arrange to departmental meetings. During the process of marketing assistants needs to coordinate the schedules of a dozen or more people for the meeting. In addition, Marketing Assistant prepare often memos, write letters for managers and even to work on reports. Marketing assistants can also be asked to take minutes during meetings, then post summaries of sessions thereafter.

computer skills

Marketing Assistants must read computer, because they may be required to document for the department are centralized. Therefore Marketing Assistant will probably need to be familiar with e-mail system of the company. In addition to marketing wizard to give their memos and reports with word processing software. Marketing assistants working on departmental budgets also need experience working with spreadsheets such as Excel or Lotus 123. In addition, marketing wizard may require use presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keystone to prepare presentations of their chiefs. Marketing assistant that can work for direct marketing or advertising firms database management skills, where they use computers to lists and addresses need to get from people.

communication skills

Marketing Assistants also need strong written and verbal communication skills. Marketing Assistant could sales visuals that help sellers sell to write their products. Some marketing assistants help write promotional pieces that convince the customers from buying products of their company. Marketing Assistant need strong verbal communication skills to work with different levels of people, including high-level executives, employees lower-level and external agencies. Marketing assistants must also have strong verbal communication skills when they work on the phone a lot.


Marketing Assistants must be judged yourself. In other words, have marketing assistants to perform their jobs without constant guidance. A marketing director or manager can not always tell a marketing assistant, what must be done. The marketing assistant must be aware of their projects and outcomes could. Therefore, they can quickly move from task to task with little intervention. An effective marketing assistants is always aware of what needs to be done. They also know how to prioritize it daily tasks to ensure priority projects take precedence over others.

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