How to write a successful cover letter


What is the cover letter?

Succeed his letter of motivation
Contrary to what we often think, it only serves not only to say that it is motivated for a job (or an internship or training). a sample cover letter It must show concretely the recruiter why and what you particularly well fit the profile that he seeks.


LL should therefore not remain too vague but support all your assertions on facts (experiences, internships, activities) by referring to the CV that accompanies it. Thus,your letter introduced and makes you want to read your resume that will specify the details of your journey.


So avoid too general as phrases: "I've always been interested in marketing", "I'd bevery happy to work in your group", "I am very motivated by the use you propose"...
Say instead: "my interest in marketing goes back to my first internship in IUT. Since then, I realized each year an internship in this sector and this in various businesses as you indicated my attached resume.
-"Employment that you are proposing is point by point the skills that I have developed these past three years: customer negotiation, the knowledge of the XX software, and the opening to Eastern Europe."
-"Your group particularly interested me because I am passionate about since childhood by the aeronautical sector: while pursuing my studies of generalist engineer, I was able to get my private pilot's licence and am an active member of the association of young scientists for Aeronautics and space." I chose the "embedded systems"speciality during my last year to be able to direct me towards studies related to aeronautical programs missions".


How to submit your cover letter ?
In principle the motivation letter is handwritten (unless you're an e-mail which tends to spread) and fits on a page. Attention obviously to spelling errors and heavy phrases. Make sentences short and precise.
As with any letter, place upper-left your name, address, telephone and e-mail. Top-right, the place, the date and the name of the recipient (if known) or the name of the position for which you are applying: for example post sales, international exchange...
Lower and middle, the address Word. If it is not known which recruits, simply put"Dear Sir or Madam". If the person is known, "Madam" or "Mr." only.


Made of paragraphs:
in the first paragraph, you must specify from the beginning your goal: I address toyou my candidacy because I got in June my BTS Transport and logistics and looking for a position of agent of exploitation in a large transport company like yours. If you apply for an internship at specific date, this should be stated in the first sentence: I'm looking to do a working internship in July 2007.
The second paragraph can then be used to highlight your skills, your experiences(without however reiterate the CV). You can also tell why you are interested in thiscompany. finish by a politeness formula without forgetting your signature.


The letter of motivation for training
-If you are applying for training, start by talking about you, your tastes and your experiences related to the proposed training.
Example: I have always loved the children that I got to know through my BAFA training and holiday camps that I supervised. or even "during my secondary studies, Ihad the opportunity to realize a sales internship that I liked much. Indeed, I realized..."-


-Then explain clearly your interest for this training: say what it will bring you to thecontinuation of your professional project, and in what areas it will be useful for theend of your studies or to find future work.
Example: I have the project to become head of Department in the great distribution. After my baccalaureat STG, I wish to continue my studies by a DUT technical ofmarketing which is the most appropriate training for c e type of job.
-You can also talk about the company's values, this shows your interest and you documented on it.
-Then you can conclude by going ahead and requesting an interview and then finishing by salutation as example: "Please believe, dear to the expression of my best regards".

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