Restaurant Business Letter Examples



Restaurant Business Letter Examples

Business Letter

The Cocodrilos Restaurant

13380   Jump Street

St. Las Plazas Int 2040


September 19, 2014


Mr. John Maggiber

13890 Rd. Aviation

Grove Street


Dear Mr. Maggiber,


The reason why I am writing this letter is to talk about our new services in The Cocodrilos Restaurant, this new service includes a complete new menu, that includes lots new dishes and also the old ones but modifying the join foods of the old ones.

We have make an exhausted research to create this new menu and see if this new dishes are very consumed in the now a days consumer world where we live, saying all this we invite you to come and visit us.

This new change that we have take will revolution our entire enterprise well we have change all our way of working, we introduce new products, new people, and also new installations. This change will make us grow and be recognized in more places around the city and also around the country.

We invite you to come and prove our new service and our new dishes.


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