7 good reasons to write email letter


No. 1: You save time recruiter

This email letter provides the  to open any letter attached.

No. 2: You point out of email letter

By laziness or neglect, many candidates zap writing this famous email traction. So, going further than the perennial "please find enclosed for CV for the job ..." you automatically get out of the lot.

No. 3: You can drag the name of your contact

It is in the message body that you call your recommendation for the position. This name should prompt the recruiter for more attention towards your application.

No. 4: You represent your analytical mind

This email letter must contain 5-10 lines max. So be aware short, concise, informative and impactful in its drafting. So consider the mail as your motivation flyer. Put water to the recruiter's mouth with a simple and attractive message that made her want to open your resume and meet you.

No. 5: You show your mastery of the english language

email letter without spelling or grammar with an enriched vocabulary is necessarily points scored when calling.

No. 6: You show your responsiveness

The day of sending your application, you learn that the target company has won an award, signed a big contract, changed leader ... indicate this. Your contact person will be happy to see you follow the news closely. It never hurts to flatter a little ego recruiter.

No. 7: You already show your commitment to the company

A good email letter should necessarily apply to the recruiter and him alone. Exit therefore mass mailings of a boat watered message that all sectors. In "dedicating" this mail to the company involved, you prove that you have done research on the box and you you see already.

Thank you to Fraoise Farouz, associate consultant recruitment firm JPIC Executive Match Cabanes and Corinne, Corinne ruling Cabinet Cabanes & Associates for their advice.

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