ED TECH Cover Letter Examples

ED TECH Cover Letter Examples

ED TECH Cover Letter Examples

Jessica Weiner

123 Sesame Street, Clark, NJ 07066 (123) 456 – 7890 j_weiner16@yahoo.com


November 18, 2014


Dr. Lara EnglishHill


Tech Academy

100 Education Lane

Clark, NJ 07066


Dear Dr. EnglishHill:


I am writing in reference to the open teaching position for first grade. I recently graduated Rowan University with degrees in Early Childhood Education and Literacy Studies, as well as a certification in Reading. I learned about this position from your school’s website and reaching out because I could not imagine a position better suited for my career goals and personal interests.


Bringing with me an array of skills, qualities, and experience, I am confident that I will become a valuable asset to your school. For instance, I offer a wealth of experience with children and parents, especially from varied cultures. The Head Start Pilot experience and my employment at a daycare and summer came offered very diverse environments, providing experience in cultural diversity as well as interaction with parents and children. Also, my reading certification has allowed me to become an expert in emergent literacy and reading problems. Therefore, I will be able to assist all students, regardless of their issues as they first begin building their foundation of literacy. This certification enables me to assist students with reading disabilities and help create a plan for correcting such issues.  Moreover, I exhibit strong commitment, vision and leadership as depicted in my leadership roles as the head of a Relay for Life team, junior coach, counselor and assistant teacher, as well as in my NCA leadership award. This strong sense of leadership is essential in the classroom, especially of young children because at this age, self-regulation is not fully developed and therefore, supportive and positive behavior management is needed.


Tech Academy, though new, already has such a prestigious reputation in our community. Becoming part of such an excellent team of teachers would allow me to excel as a newer teacher and gain the rich experience I need to be a better educator. I would like to thank you for the opportunity and for taking the time to read through this letter. I am looking forward to our possible meeting and will be following up in about one week’s time via this email address in hopes to schedule this meeting.


Respectfully yours,

Jessica Nicole Weiner

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