Overqualified? How reassure recruiters with his letter


This position close to your heart -or you really have other choice- but in light of your experience, you're clearly overqualified for the job. Our advice to reassure and convince through your email or cover letter.

The truth if I lie

The worst would be to deny the level shifting or seek to obfuscate. But the recruiter is not silly. A quick glance at the resume and cover letter will allow it to find an experience like the arm. So assume speaking true. "A phrase like," after 20 years of experience in sales management, I would like to focus on one sector for such and such reasons, ' "Pauline illustrious Lahary, founder of mycvfactory.com.

Not overqualified but high added value

Not to enumerate in detail, all the positions you occupied brilliantly. Instead, select only those whose skills are transferable to the position. So the recruiter may immediately you project in the function. Emphasize that you will be operating on. "  Being overqualified is an asset but it's true that it scares recruiters. So shore up your cover letter concrete anecdotes , memorable and proving your value added "advises Pauline Lahary.

You do not come home by chance

You apply perhaps to this position by default but the recruiter should not feel it. "  You must instead show him the position referred matches your professional project of the moment and that your application meets a real career strategy," continues this recruitment specialist. Yes, you have solid experience behind you, but today you're up for a new challenge. So if you worked 15 years in large groups, but you now want to participate in the growth of a start-up, say it like that. Similarly, if you want to move from a functional position to a more operational job to be more in contact with the field and customers. Motivate your choice of answer an ad for which you are, a priori, oversized. "One of my clients from the world of computer consulting longed to get into the world of apps B to C. To his weapons in the sector, upgrading of skills was needed in lower position in terms of responsibilities and salary. his humility and passion for the industry convinced a recruiter to trust him  , "illustrates Stephanie Roels, Director of Coaching Elysee cabinet.

Bet on adaptability

"Because of their experience, these candidates, including senior, experienced so many different situations, they are not going to collapse at the slightest false note" says Karine Doukhan, director of Robert Half Management Resources division. So in letter, emphasize your ability to get high such as facing crisis situations or exponential business growth. "In short, discuss your availability, stress resistance and ability to take responsibility," adds Stephanie Roels.

Sir / Madam Loyal

Let's be honest, given the job market for the elderly, the fifties, very often, even too qualified and experienced, still struggling to get a job. "The employment of older people is complicated. So unlike the juniors, they are not in immediate claim of another position or zapping. They are stable and loyal to the company. Two highly regarded qualities recruiters right now, "insists Karine Doukhan. So also press this in the mail motivation to anticipate possible objections from a recruiter.

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