Salary Negotiation Letter for MBA Jobs


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Salary Negotiation Letter for MBA Jobs

Salary Negotiation Letter for MBA Jobs

(Sender's Address)

10 April 2009

HR Manager
(Company's Address)

Dear Sir/Madam

I am grateful to the authorities at ABC Ltd to have selected me for the position of a Marketing Manager. I have learnt many extensive facts about the company which have re assured my interest in it.  Its a pleasure to have an opportunity to be associated with a Marketing Brand like ABC Ltd. I am certain it will be in benefit of both the company and my individual objectives.

However i have to discuss the compensation package stated in the offer letter as according to me my work experience and my  qualifications warrant a higher compensation. I am associated with one of the top B- schools in Media and Advertising, » PQR School of Marketing»  and as required by the designation i have a 4 year experience in the industry.  I have managed the following key aspects of the marketing department :

  • Developed the marketing budget for an entire fiscal year in conjunction with the sales department within the specified budget.
  • Managed the entire product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities.
  • Analyzed and determined the market requirements for current and future products.

My experience demonstrates my ability to interact and cooperate with all company employees and top management.  Along with i have all the certificates that support the stated facts. I am heedful to your reservations but my request is justified.  Hoping that u will consider my request and we will soon be in association.

Thanking you

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