Sample Cover Letter 2017


Sample Cover Letter 2017

Sample Cover Letter 2017

Robert Kelly

104 Bayshore Drive

Nepean, ON

K2H 6K2


September 20, 2010


Ms. Susan Doyle


Goodlife Fitness

5 Royden Place

Ottawa, Ontario K2E 1A3


Dear Ms. Doyle:


The purpose of this letter is to advise you that I am interested in applying for a co-op position with Goodlife Fitness through the Co-operative Education Program at Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate School. It would be a privilege and a pleasure to work with one of your personal trainers in order to gain some practical experience and determine if I want to pursue a career in physical and health services.


Working at Tim Hortons as well as the occasional babysitting job has given me practical experience in serving the public as well as improving my interpersonal skills. Recently, I completed a First Aid course and am also familiar with WHMIS.  As a result of spending time at the gym and participating in a rigorous exercise program, I have learned to become more self disciplined and conscious of my own physical development. Juggling school and extracurricular activities has also taught me to be organized and prioritize my time.  It is my belief that my work experience, education and recreational activities have all contributed to prepare me for a co-op placement at your establishment.


Goodlife Fitness has taken a leadership position in community services.  Your  reputation for thoroughness and efficiency has also added to your success as a business. I know that I would learn both hard and soft skills as a contributing member of your team.  My  commitment to school is also proof of my commitment to excel and contribute to Goodlife Fitness.


A face-to-face interview will allow me to demonstrate my character in a personal way.  Attached is a copy of my resume.  Thank you for considering my application.  I look forward to hearing from you.  I can be reached at ________________ or through my Co-op teacher, Catherine Cosstick at (613) 225-8826 ext. 283.




Robert Kelly





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