tips for writing a cover letter


If your resume is a balance , a summary of your career and your skills, your cover letter letter in turn highlights the way you express yourself and shows your main personality traits only a few lines. Both documents must be complementary and never duplicate.

Note that the letter is also called cover letter or letter of application , depending on the country and uses of enterprises.

In short: your cover letter should be customized for each application, do not send a standard model mass is ineffective! You will avoid mistakes in French and will remain concise and sober.

The interest of the letter

Hang the employer

Do some research on the company and show your interest in him, explain the reasons for you to apply.


Target and write your arguments based on business needs and your strengths to the attention of your partner.

Pick an interview

The purpose of your letter is to get an appointment with the recruiter. For that, go to the basics, you will develop your arguments more thoroughly during the interview.

The foundations of a letter

It must : include your contact information, write to the company and a specific contact, preferably be handwritten on paper quality, end with a salutation, be signed and dated.

We must not : exceed one page, make erasures and spelling, writing banalities, duplicate your resume, write with ink other than black or blue.

The 4 types of application letters

application per response to an ad

When you respond to an ad, you must highlight the skills, experiences and characteristics required for the position. For this, decrypt the job , locate each criteria and rank them before responding point by point.

unsolicited application

In an open application, you are free to join, or not, your CV . However, it is essential to rely on a thorough knowledge of the company you are addressing. Insist on "grip", show that you are interested in it. Next, describe your skills, professional project, which will give the recruiter a desire to meet you.

beginner application letter

If you start your professional career, you will need to press your education, training courses and demonstrate your motivations. Please note it is important to target its arguments.

Letter of application recommended

It may be that through your relationships you wish to obtain maintenance "boosted". In order not based on any recommendation (some people are given more power than they have), start by writing a letter classic, then change the first paragraph and list the name, title, function the person who recommends you to help the other party, if he wants, to know more about you.

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