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Personal information
Name Pritesh Jaishing Darci
Date of birth 09/06/1984
Gender Male
Driving Licence Yes
Address Lisbon – Portugal
Telephone / Mobile +351 917 155 505
WEB Address / Photo /
Professional experience 3
• Company Name Nokia Siemens Networks
• Type of business Telecommunications industry
• Function 3 – Fault Management Manager & Other Roles (recent)

2 – Fault Management Engineer

1 – Network Supervisor (oldest)

• Main activities and responsibilities Activities @ Lisbon Global Delivery Centre (GDC), in Portugal:

3 – Since 01-07-2009 acting as Fault Management Manager (Line Manager of ~30 Engineers), this covers the following responsibility areas:

- End-to-end responsible for agreed Service Delivery;

- Responsible for agreed Service Delivery transition from and to Customer;

- Leadership and Management of Operation Management teams;

- Support sales team in terms of head count effort estimation, to go through the service description definition (e.g. List of services, scope of description, etc);

- Responsible for the scopes: Helpdesk, Networks Monitoring, Field Dispatching, Fault management, Incident Management, Service Management, OSS Management, Security Management, Customer Care and/or Performance Management: All completely aligned with NSN's Operations model following eTOM, NMS and ITIL.

- Definition of OLA/SLA between Customer/Involved Stakeholders: Identify - List of Services/Tasks, Scope Description, Responsibilities, Working Hours, Number of human resources, Network information, Get historical views (if possible), Meetings Structure & Frequency, Reports Structure & Frequency, Service SLA/KPI to be considered, Contacts, Interfaces: Responsibilities, reason for interaction, Mode of interactions, working hours, SLA's/KPI's, Communication channels, Collect Processes (Technical / Non-Technical), Collect Procedures (Technical / Non-Technical), Collect Work Instructions (Technical / Non-Technical), Tools to be used: Setup and test necessary tools;

- Conducting interviews for teams setup;

- Setup of enabling sessions for new and existent resources according to project/customer requirements;

- Operations Processes & Procedures development according to NSN standards (so that people can easily adapt) and customer/project requirements;

- Tools development;

- Continues Operations Processes, Procedures & Tools improvement;

- Business continuity plans development (e.g. in case working place is not available due to fire);

- Governance management (Escalations dealing within NSN, with Customer or even with NSN/Customer 3rd Party)

- Service & Network Performance Reporting;

- SPOC: Single Point of Contact within the responsible projects, e.g. responsible for reporting all incidents back to NSN project  management/Customer/3rd Parties (NSN or Customer Partners) according to a escalation matrix (In some cases it can actually be to the CEO itself), elaboration & presentation of service & network performance reports (Weekly, Monthly, etc) among others.

This role is still being exercised on the following project:

Nextel (NII / Sprint):

-    Since 08-2012 acting as Customer Care Manager for 5 LAT markets: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru & Mexico, this mainly consists of:

o    Transfer Customer Care activities from NSN BR/Customer premises;

o    Making sure the team handles properly all Core, RF (Coverage), Portability, Roaming &/or Interconnect related issues;

-    Since 10-2012 acting as Telco Management Manager which implicates process and tools definition for all Nextel markets with regards to any Nextel Interconnect partner plus being the SPOC to NII Telco Management team.

-    Since 04-2013 acting as Project Manager for UFM tool development & implementation on all Nextel markets, some of tool features are:

-    Consolidate all Nextel network alarms in one window only;

-    Create filters & Automations;

-    Enhance operations delivery;

This role is was exercised on the following projects:

From 03-2011 to 12-2012 responsible for setting up Intercity NL (MVNO) network operations from the “scratch” (operator didn’t have any Core NE’s and bought a NSN Core solution), providing enabling to the teams, setting up end-to-end procedures, management of a development team for new tools development for tasks automation, setting up a solid structure/organization in terms of procedures/tools so that the Core operations maintenance is well assured. After all setup, responsible for normal network assurance & operations.

From 06-2012 to 08-2012 responsible for performing Orange CH tasks, such as: Network Performance data collection, MSS subscriber overload supervision, Radio Sites new configuration implementation, etc.

On 07-2012 responsible for setting Sunrise CH network support (Tier 3) operations.

From 04-2012 to 06-2012 responsible for Telenor SE Performance Maintenance Reports.

From 03-2012 to 05-2012 responsible for Proximus R4 NSN network supervision.

From 11-2011 to 03-2012 responsible for T-Mobile DE AAA Systems (Bamberg, Goeppingen and Frankfurt) monitoring.

From 03-2011 to 12-2011 – Responsible for Zon Multimedia Field dispatching;

From 15-11-2010 to 28-02-2011 supported also O2 UK 2G Network Performance project transition to Lisbon GNOC.

From 05-2009 to 01-2011 – Responsible for SFR Packet Core Supervision, operations transition from and to customer.

From 05-2009 to 08-2010 – Responsible for SFR “L4L” Radio 3G Swap: 3G Siemens swap to Nokia 3G technology (3000 swaps in one year), operations transition from and to customer.

From 07-2009 to 03-2010 – Responsible for Vodafone Malta Radio (3G NodeB SWAP) supervision.

From 07-2009 to 08-2012 responsible for C&W Worldwide field dispatching, all Techs.

From 08-2009 to 10-2011 – Responsible for Sonaecom Field dispatching, all Techs;

From 05-2008 to 31-12-2012 – Responsible for Orange FR Core (IMS MGCF [MSS]) & Radio (2G PicoBTS) Supervision & Operations.

Other roles @ Lisbon Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC), in Portugal:

From 23-01-2012 to 09-2013, acting as Information Security Management Systems SPOC (Single Point of Contact), responsible for implementing and maintaining ISO 27001 assigned controls within the MSP group (Medium & Small Projects: ~75 HC).

Since 07-05-2012 to 09-2013 responsible for the whole MSP group Competences & Development planning.

2 – From 04-11-2008 to 09-2009 acted as “Fault Management Engineer”, this covered the following responsibility areas, Fault, Configuration and Performance management activities (BackOffice) on the 2G PicoBTS Radio network, some examples below:

- Advanced troubleshooting using Nokia NetAct, Connect NMS, HIT, etc tools;

- Performed work order’s (WO) sent by Orange FR, e.g. to implement/delete PicoBTS’s, neighbour cells values update, GPRS enabling/disabling, channel allocation change, update other BTS's/NE's configuration, etc;

- Processes & procedures development;

- Assessments;

- Trouble ticket management;

- 2G Radio KPI's reporting & analysis (Radio KPIs such as TCH drop ratio %, CSSR %, TCH assignment fail ratio %, etc)

- interaction with OFR partners & clients, such France Telecom or end user (usually a company);

From 01-03-2009 to 21-06-2009 developed processes & procedures, assessments, defined shares of responsibilities with Orange France concerning the MGCF Core project (Media Gateway Control Function, 3GPP Rel. 5 IMS).

From 22-06-2009 to 03-2011 performed Fault, Incident, Service, OSS and Performance Management activities on Orange France MGCF project, some task examples:

- Advanced troubleshooting using Nokia NetAct, HIT, Tectia, etc tools;

- Processing work order’s (WO) sent by Orange FR or NPO;

- Processes & procedures development;

- Assessments;

- Trouble ticket management;

- Core KPI's reporting & analysis;

- Interaction with OFR partners & clients, i.e. France Telecom;

1 – From 12-2007 to 10-2008 acted as “Network Supervisor”, this covered the following responsibility areas, Monitoring and basic troubleshooting of Orange France Radio 2G PicoBTS (From RadioFrame) network, a ip based indoor solution (all connected to a OFR IP backhaul), where some of the following tasks took place:

- 24/7 Monitoring of following network elements: S-BTS, NSN BSC, S-AGW, S-RS, S-EMS, PCU & TCSM;

- Basic troubleshooting (e.g. first time fix, etc);

- Trouble ticket management;

- Processes & procedures development to support monitoring team and activities (e.g. how use Orange FR & NSN tools, how to troubleshoot known alarms, etc).

- Operations quality control (tickets logging, SLA's fulfilment, troubleshooting, etc.).

• Dates (from-to) 03 of December of 2007 to N / A
Professional experience 2
• Company Name Novabase
• Type of business Service Provider
• Function HelpDesk Technician at Zon Multimedia (ex-CATVP - TV Cabo Portugal)
• Main activities and responsibilities From 16/10/06 to 30/11/07 provided services in “Despiste de Tráfego” department in the “Direcção de Supervisão e Operações (Supervision and Operations Direction) Direction, having as main goals, clearing issues reported by all lines (call centers and bo’s), issues  that could  be related for example to: speed, no access, provisioning, modem registration, degradation, ADSL, e-mail, ftp, Static Ip's, service abuse, VoIP, PT Wi-Fi (Access to wireless HotSpots) and Panda Software.

Provided support to Systems/Cable/DSL services monitoring teams, e.g. detecting DHCP, CMTS or cells congestion issues.

Performed tests on cable, ADSL & Wi-Fi equipments (e.g. Modems, Routers, Repeaters, Terminals, etc) with the following brands: SMC, Thomson, Motorola, Joohong, Motorola, Octal Askey, Elsa Microlink, US Robotics, 3Com and Linksys.

Escalation and interaction with other company departments to solve or to get forecast of resolution of specific issues (e.g. congested cell).

Performed audits to call-center operators to ensure a good service delivery, it mainly consisted in verifying if the interaction between the operator and client was performed according to the defined procedures plus according to the company behaviour principles.

From 13/10/05 to 15/10/06 provided technical support to end-user, solving issues related to hardware/software configurations that could prevent customer to use the subscribed services (i.e. internet, AV/FW SW, E-mail, etc). Escalation of issues to correspondent backoffices whenever required.

Made part of a customer awareness department which consisted in notifying the client that he had exceeded his data usage limit (e.g. due to unprotected WiFi, fraud, etc) and assisting him in order to avoid such in future (e.g. protection of end-user wireless system), avoiding this way unexpected bills.

Present during the implementation and achievement of ISO 27001 certification on the processes “Manage Customers”, “Billing” and “Information Security”, certification assigned by BVQI.

• Dates (from-to) 13 of October of 2005 to 30 of November of 2007
Professional experience 1
• Company Name Private Group.
• Type of business Import & Export company of electronic and diverse other material.
• Function Deputy Marketing Director.
• Main activities and responsibilities Purchase and sale of products, management of credits/debits of the suppliers and customers, creating inventories, brochures of advertising, letters, etc.

Enough knowledge (Implementation/Management/Development) with SAGE Group software’s.

• Dates (from-to) June of 2003 the April of 2006.
Academic formation
• Name of the education organization or formation. Escola Secundária da Cidade Universitária.
• Main you discipline/abilities professionals Portuguese 1st Group – Science: IT – Computers.

Technical Subjects included: AI (IT Applications), TEC.  (Technologies), TLP (Developer Techniques and programming languages), EOTD (Structure, Organization and Data Processing).

• Gotten classification (0 to 20) 12th Year: course finished with the average of 14 Values (144 points).
• Dates (of-until) School year 2000/2001 to 2004/2005.
Professional formation
• Name and type of the organization of formation Nokia Siemens Networks
• Main you discipline/professional abilities 03-12-2007 07-12-2007 - ADSL & GSM introduction training.

10-12-2007 14-12-2007 - Workshop @ Oni Communications (Monitoring / Configuration of Nets FO, FH, FWA, SDH, New Bridge, FITL and SHDL of the Oni Communications)

12-02-2008 to N.A. - SBS (Siemens Base System) training.

15-02-2008 - Introduction to Nokia NetAct and NetAct Element Manager.

18-02-2008 - NetAct Monitoring Concepts

19-02-2008 - Fault NetAct Management (FM) Tools.

18-02-2008 - NetAct Traceviewer Applications Introduction and Element Manager integration of the NetAct (Radio, Switch & @vantage products).

19-02-2008 - Nokia GSM Network Solution WBT and Nokia BSS Dynamic Frequency & Channel Allocation

20-02-2008 to 05-03-2008 - Nokia BSC3i & PicoBTS Solution

07-03-2008 to 09-03-2008 - Nokia GSM Network Solution WBT

10-03-2008 - Nokia BSS Dynamic Frequency & Channel Allocation

01-08-2008 – Configuring a PicoBTS on BSC3i and Radio FrameNetworks EMS.

02-10-2008 - Basics of Network Operations training

07-01-2009 – 3GPP overview.

14-01-2009 – 2G & 3G Core & Radio overview

15-01-2009 – 3G Radio, SDH and DWDM overview

13-02-2009 – 2G Nokia (MON & FM)

02 to 06-03-2009 – 3GPP Rel. 4 (MSS, MGW)

23-03-2009 to N.D. – 3GPP Rel. 5 (IMS - Ip Multimedia Subsystem)

01 to 04-06-09 – MGCF & MGW, design, databuilds, troubleshooting, etc @ Paris, France.

31-08-2009 – Performance Management

30-09-2009 – FT Swan & Oceane Training

15 & 16-12-2009 – “Achieving Superior Service” by “Up Your Service College

19 to 20-10-2010 – “Project Leadership Simulation Program” by “International Institute for Learning

17-11-2010 – The Operations Model - Introduction (eTom based).

22 & 23-11-2010 – “Problem Solving and decision making” by “Frost & Sullivan

02 & 03-12-2010 – “Performing Under Pressure” by “Roinisalo Consulting, LLC

15-03-2011 – Network Operation - Performance Management

16-03-2011 – IPV6 & OSPF Protocol

• Gotten classification N/A
• Dates (of-until) 03-12-2007 - N.A.
• Name and type of the organization of formation New Horizons - Computer Learning Centers.
• Main you discipline/professional abilities Training “Top Plus” - Certification in courses of Microsoft and Cisco:

MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional

MCSA+Messaging - Microsoft Certified System Administrator

MCSE - Microsoft Certified System Engineer

On going:

CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate

Microsoft certificates upgrade (2010)

• Gotten classification 70-270: 984 (20-02-2008) - MCP

70-290: 971 (24-03-2008)

70-291: 936 (23-04-2008)

70-284: 954 (21-05-2008) - MCSA+Messaging

70-285: 769 (18-05-2008)

70-293: 931 (24-09-2008)

70-294: 955 (05-11-2008) - MCSE

Remaining: To be finished.

+ Info @: (Transcript ID: 787531; Access Code: mymcphistory)

• Dates (of-until) 11 of September of 2007 - NA.
• Name and type of the organization of formation Psico-Forma
• Main you discipline/professional abilities Telephone Answering Methods and Stress Management Course.
• Gotten classification N.A.
• Dates (of-until) April 18, 2007 to April 19, 2007
• Name and type of the organization of formation Labour-Sonastel (Netcabo)
• Main you discipline/professional abilities Training on SIEBEL, basic software / hardware troubleshooting and how to behave with costumers.
• Gotten classification Approved with 86%.
• Dates (of-until) September 26, 2005 - 12 October 2005
• Name and type of the organization of formation Zon Multimedia (ex-CATVP - TV Cabo Portugal)
• Main you discipline/professional abilities Continues training every week where were the following topics were discussed: Behavior; Router / Wireless Settings; Procedures; Invoicing; Siebel; E-Mail  Response, Internet, IM / VoIP; Technical PT Wi-Fi; Panda Security Solutions, Safety and Hygiene, Security of Information, IP troubleshooting, etc.

06-11-2006 and 14-02-2007 – ADSL training.

13-11-2006 - Training on Netmrg tool (Monitoring tool of the fyber network).

07-02-2007 - Workshop in the H.D.I (Head End Digital Interactive) department: Guided tour to the TvCabo’s / PTM Data Center's where services like SMTP, Gigamail, Incognito server, Firewall (by hardware), FTP, etc are allocated. Presentation of tools like: “what's up” and “monitor network” to monitor Data Centers servers, “Ldap” to perform queries in the servers, Lyris - mail list tool that allows broadcast's to customers, “Red Cell” that allows monitoring of HW equipments and CMTS in Hubs, etc. Execution of tasks/routines together with the colleagues, e.g. assembling and dissembling of a CMTS, a Rack, an server (of Akamai) to clean the peripherals, control of the electricity boards, etc.

01-02-2007 to 18-02-2007 - Development of procedures (ITO) and manuals (ITA) related to security software of Panda Security Solutions.

31-08-2007 - QoS Metrics Training.

• Gotten classification N. A.
• Dates (of-until) November 23, 2005 - November 30, 2007
First language Portuguese
Other languages English
• Reading skills Good
• Writing Good
• Speaking Good
Social aptitudes and abilities

To coexist and to work with others people, in multicultural ways, functions where the communication is important e situations where the work of equips is essential (for example, the level cultural and porting), etc.

Earlier in my childhood, I attended an IT training offered by “Classe 86” institution, training where I had my first IT experiences (Software/Hardware), this training clearly, helped myself of the development of this subject.
Development of several projects in the school “Escola Secundária da Cidade Universidade”, projects like designing and implementation the school LAN network, development of a tool (Database in Access) to help school services management, development of websites with the help of HTML publishers like Frontpage and also Dreamwaver, development of several tools using languages such as Paschal, C++, VB and SQL.

With these projects I earned a lot of experience in IT (software/ hardware) and also how to work in team.
I provided support to a few small particular company’s where I acquired knowledge and productive experiences, experiences like how to work and be with a team.
I also provide IT (software level) explanations to middle-age people.
Currently, I am the president and player of one private football team and also responsible to organize small social events between friends/colleagues. (


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