Seller Job description


Always willing to help, vendors welcome and guide clients in small shops as in hypermarkets. Young people have easy access to this profession, but are often offered in part-time or fixed-term contracts (CDD).  A seller who is proven can however expect an evolution of relatively rapid career.  A tip: report on the labor market with a vocational baccalaureate or a BTS.

Professional life

Important needs

more than one million merchants in France there are all sectors: food products, textiles, cultural (books, DVD). Nearly 25 000 places are available each year in the shops, stores and supermarkets. Recruitment which, a priori, have no reason to dry up in the coming years.

Employment but precarious

The seller business is open to young people who can access without prior experience. Result: 60% of professionals currently operating less than 35 years. The downside: it is often hired for a part-time or fixed-term.

Rapid promotions

A successful sales experience provides access fairly quickly to a team leader jobs and possibly store manager. In retail, the changes concern the department head positions, department head or manager.

Beginner's salary

1260 euros gross per month + bonuses.

Working conditions

Varied exercise places

Seller certainly occupies a sedentary position, but in all types of trade. It is found both in the small neighborhood shop in hypermarkets. Depending on the size of the company, working conditions are not necessarily the same.

Extensible schedules

The vendor works on Saturday and performs many overtime, especially during the sales or year-end holidays. These high traffic periods demanding great physical shape and spirit "Zen".

Difficult conditions

Mostly standing, the seller can work in a difficult sound and light atmosphere. In small businesses, it has little autonomy and almost continually working with his boss.

Skills Seller

Smile and well-dressed

The smile, the seller bears impeccable maintenance and knows how to keep his cool in all circumstances. He practiced eye to spot what's wrong: Article moved, opened package, stained clothing. and that can hinder the flow of customers into the store  or does not encourage them to buy.

The sense of service

Listening, availability, friendliness: the human qualities worth as much as technical qualifications or knowledge in this business where the relationship is central. A successful sale, you must first inspire customer confidence. Good oral expression is an important asset.

Product knowledge

Specialized in a radius or sector (food, household appliances, cosmetics, etc.), the seller knows all the characteristics of the products he sells. He stands permanently informed about technological innovations or changes in the mode.

Nature of the work

Prepare the sales area

The seller has carefully the products on the shelves or showcase. He paid particular attention to the labeling so that all prices are clearly displayed. Articles moved by the customers? Its role is also to put them in their place. It also happens to offer activities around a theme.

Advise the client

An indecisive customer the choice of a garment, an issue related to the maintenance of tissue. the seller is to provide practical information. For high-tech equipment (computers, DVD players, digital cameras), it does not hesitate to make the product demonstration for the customer.

Versatile detour

In small organizations, the seller can fulfill several functions. Perform stock inventory, place orders (quantity, time, cost ...). He can still cash accounting regulations and the recipe at the end of the day.

Training to access the Seller job

The CAP offers immediate opportunities. To find a stable job, it is recommended to continue until at least pro tray. As for the BTS, it allows to move faster towards management positions.

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