Superintendent Job Description


Superintendent Job Description



Plainview School District

Sheridan Lake, CO

Plainview School is a small, rural district with approximately 70 students PreK-12th grade. The school serves as the focal point for the close-knit community members. Plainview strives to keep our technology, staff, and students up to date and competitive with the current innovations while maintaining the integrity and benefits of smaller classes, more one to one instruction, and strong family and community values.  This is a dual role position with both principal and superintendent responsibilities. If interested, please submit the following information to the School Board President, Mr. Marvin Koeller, at the following email address: by April 20, 2017. Please include the following:

1) Cover letter

2) Resume

3) 3 letters of reference

4) The answers to the following questions:

  1. A) What are your thoughts in regards to student performance? How would you involve the community, staff and school board in creating a comprehensive student improvement plan?
  2. B) Plainview School District has recently implemented the use of Chrome Books available for classroom instruction and testing. How would you encourage or instruct teachers to utilize this technology in their lesson plans? How would you utilize this technology in the planning of the curriculum? What steps would you need to take in order to have this plan fully implemented at the beginning of a school year?
  3. C) In the dual role of superintendent and principal, what challenges do you see that you might face?
  4. D) In light of rural schools declining enrollment, what are some strategies you have implemented or ideas you have to improve enrollment?
  5. E) What are your expectations from our school? What do you know about our school and our area? Why do you believe that you would be successful as our school district leader?


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