Basic Curriculum Vitae Template


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Personal Details


  • Surname
  • First Name(s)
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • DOB (date of Birth) – [optional – include if you think helpful towards job requirements]
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email


Personal Statement / Profile / Attributes


  • Create up to 5-7 descriptive bullet-point phrases that describe your strengths and attributes.
  • These statements should also reflect the personal qualities that the employer seeks.
  • Keep the statements simple and clear; one line for each statement.
  • Use a consistent format and readable typeface; use professional, concise, intelligent language.
  • Use good, appropriate punctuation; semi-colons are effective for joining word-strings.

Ensure you can provide an example (at interview) for every statement you

make on your CV


Qualifications &Training

  • school, college, dates, etc
  • subject / qualifications or if still to take add target grades


Work Experience

  • Name of employer / its field of activity
  • Your job role in the company and the tasks you performed
  • The period of time that you worked for the company in years / months / weeks


Skills / Achievements

  • List any achievements, explaining what you did and what was achieved.
  • Any additional languages you can speak
  • List any computer application skills
  • List any vocational qualifications like first aid certificate


Hobbies / Interests


  • It is helpful to show hobbies/interests that reflect personal qualities that relate to the job requirements.


References (these are optional and available on request) you are usually asked to provide TWO referees one is usually a character reference and the other a professional reference.


  • Name, Position, address
  • Contact email and telephone number
Basic Curriculum Vitae Template

Basic Curriculum Vitae Template

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