Esl teacher Resume Sample


Esl teacher Resume

Rodney Wilson

11987 – 156 Avenue • Edmonton, Alberta • V8R 2V9

(780) 555 – 1222 • • cell (780) 555 – 5455


Student-Focused Physical Education Teacher

Dedicated to Creating a Positive Learning Environment and Making a Difference in Students’ Lives

“Bill’s strong desire and ability to instantly build rapport and respect with students, combined with his exceptional classroom management skills, ensure he will be remembered as a teacher who made a difference.”                                                            Principal, Abbotsford, AB

Professional Profile

Dedicated, resourceful, and innovative instructor who strives to help students change marginal grades into good grades; supports colleagues and administration in facilitating each child’s social and intellectual growth by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication. Exceptional communicator with students and parents, with a caring and diplomatic manner; encourages socialization, sportsmanship, and team spirit; motivates students so physical fitness will be an enjoyable part of life.


Bachelor of Education, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, AB – 2008

Major: Physical Education; Minor: English Language Arts

Bachelor of Arts, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, AB – 2006

Major: Kinesiology

Selected Skills and accomplishments

Curriculum Development

  • Developed innovative curriculum to instruct individual students, small groups, and classes of 30 plus students in grades 8-12;
  • Organized time, space, and resources to balance heavy workloads and stringent deadlines in grades 8-12;
  • Used unconventional methods and resources to educate students in grammar, spelling, and math in grades 4-6;
  • Created comprehensive classroom social studies learning resource, encouraging students to take home, use, and learn material in grades 7-8. Commended by the Principal on this “outstanding” learning tool.

Educational Assessment

  • Spearheaded volunteer program to fulfill a need for students requiring additional assistance outside the classroom;
  • Reviewed numerous classroom assessment methods and techniques – adopted effective tools that were compliant with the school board;
  • Recognized the need for appropriate pacing and delay time to ensure all students understood;
  • Prepared departmental unit exams using technology;
  • Incorporated unique and non-skills based activities into Physical Education classes.

Student/Parent Relations

  • Cultivated parent involvement through consistent written and verbal communication, inviting classroom participation
  • Talent for capturing students’ interest in learning, by providing training, support, and guidance
  • Planned numerous extracurricular activities, including organizing tournaments, coordinating transportation, and chaperoning students on out of town field trips.

Experience in Education

Professional Semester III Internship :  February – May 2008

North Valley Secondary School, Allenview, AB

  • Instruction of Physical Education curriculum to Grade 8-12 boys and girls
  • Field trips to Kiwassa Lake and Nisku Climbing Centre
  • Coach of the senior boys volleyball and badminton teams


Professional Semester II:                 January 2003 – April 2007

Grasslands Middle School, Grasslands, AB

  • Instruction in Physical Education and Social Studies in Grades 7 and 8

Professional Semester I:              September - December 2006

Jenny Watson Elementary, Noble, AB

  • Instruction in Physical Education, Math, and Language Arts in Grades 4-6.


Substitute Teaching                    May 2008 and continuing

  • On-call teacher for the Edmonton Public School Board

Additional Work Experience

  • Coach - Panthers Indoor Soccer Association
  • Tutor for Higher Learning Centre – Math
  • Administrative Coordinator – Edmonton Amateur Soccer Association
  • After School Program Instructor – Edmonton Public Schools
  • Summer School Playground Supervisor – Edmonton Public Schools


  • Roger K Workshop for Success, South Lions, Edmonton, AB
  • ESL Proficiency, Grant MacEwen Community College
  • NCCP Coaching Level 11, Soccer and Volleyball
  • Standard First Aid

Community Service Awards

  • Rotary Club, Edmonton, Kids In Action
  • Football Coach, Mini League, Edmonton
  • Reading Network, Volunteer Award (Reading and tutoring), Edmonton
  • Make A Difference Community School (Drama, Reading, Puppetry) Edmonton
  • Regional College Recognition (Adult ESL teaching), Edmonton


Dr. Ian Bartel                             Marian White                     Asher Boyle

University of Lethbridge Professor      Teacher, Noble School           Teacher, Avenue High School

403-329-5555                            403-320-5566                   780-425-3333


esl teacher resume sample

esl teacher resume sample

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