General Manager Production Resume CV




Personal Profile:



N.I.C: 35202-2955070-7

Domicile: Punjab/Lahore

Marital Status: Married

Address: House # 508/F Mohammed Ali Johar Town Lahore Pakistan.

Cell #: + 92-03027066937




Devote my educational & professional skills to a reputed organization, and to meet the challenges in practical life. A full time purposeful position in a dynamic organization that confederates opportunities of professional growth, performance improvement through training and vocational recognition through challenging assignments.

I intend to provide better quality services to an institute, which can enhance my knowledge and experience.



  • Operating System:


  • Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel)
  • Microsoft Windows ( XP, Windows 2007)
  • Net Surfing


  • Languages:
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Punjabi





  • Others:


  • Good Communication and Presentation Skills, Group Work, Consistent Working Temperament, Creative Thinking, Analytical & Logical Approach to Understand Practical Problems.  


  • Bachelor from Punjab University Lahore 1979
  • Engineering in Textile Weaving from Govt. Weaving And Finishing Institute Shahdara, Lahore in 1982



  • Crescent Textile Mills Faisalabad:


  • 6 month interim ship in Weaving Department in 1982.



  • Government Weaving And Finishing Institute Shahdara, Lahore:


  • From 1982 to September 1990
  • Worked prep In charge and Weaving Demonstrator
  • During this period fully looked after in commercial side as preparatory In charge
  • And in Education side delivers Lectures of Weaving Subjects



  • Kohinoor Textile Mills Rawalpindi:
  • From September 1990 to September  1999
  • In 1993 I have started Home Textile in Kohinoor Textile Mils
  • 7 years worked as Project Manager Made-ups, fully hold unit from cut to pack with Quality Control
  • 2 years worked as prep In charge in Weaving Department
  • Basics training from Marks & Spenser’s




  • Arzoo Textile Mills Faisalabad:


  • From October 1999 to December 2001


  • Worked as G.M Quality Made-ups, during my work with Arzoo Textile to control 532 machines (6 Units). Main area Cut to Pack and Final Presentation
  • Fulfills all customer’s Samples Requirements and their Quality Assurance
  • Proper follow-up with vendors and office to resolve all open issues
  • Comprehensive reporting to the Customers and Directors
  • Nimra Textile Mills Faisalabad:
  • From 2003 to 2006




  • Main working area start from Grey Fabric, Finishing, Stitching and Packing following points which I monitor
  • After receiving Garage Fabric checking proper their Quality and Garding
  • Garding Finished Fabric
  • Proper Checking Consumption of Fabric in Cutting to avoid Wastages
  • Samples improves from Customers and Marketing Department
  • Proper in line Inspection, lot Inspection AQL 2.5 and 4
  • Final Inspection of Made-ups in Packing then Reporting to Chairman
  • During my start with Nimra Textile got 6 month Training from SGS




  • Jeea Textile Mills Faisalabad:


  • From March 2006 to December 2007
  • Worked as G.M Production Made-ups (from March 2006 to December 2007)  


  • Manage Fabric Production number Wise
  • Solve Cutting Stitching and Packing Meters
  • Reduced our Cost
  • To improve Quality
  • To control Material
  • To manage our Production
  • To control Production and Manage in time Shipment
  • Manage to minimized waste



  • Sharaj Textile Mills Lahore:
  • Worked as G.M Production Made-ups from January 2008 to April 2012



  • To Manage Production, Quality and time Shipment
  • Supervision of all source of Materials
  • Consumption and Costing of stitching cut to pack
  • To control Sampling Department



  • Capricorn Traders Faisalabad:


  • Worked as Mill Manager in Capricorn Traders from May 2012 to June 2013


  • To control great Department
  • To control Made-ups store
  • To control Admin Department and Office
  • To control Made-ups Production from Cut to Pack
  • At present, I am working as a consultant of made-ups at Shahraj fabric, Lahore

Family Background:

  • My father worked for 32 years in Government Weaving and Finishing Institute as Manager of Weaving Department and delivered Lectures to Weaving Students.
  • My Elder brother is working as Deputy General in Bilal Textile










General Manager Production Resume CV

General Manager Production Resume CV

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