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 Housekeeping Resume

Housekeeping is an occupation that can be found in basically every part of the world, and the individuals who have experience in this field always have a skill that is in demand wherever they happen to be at the time. There are many different places that hire housekeepers, and experience on the job is the best thing a housekeeper can have when they want to advance their career to the next level. If you are interested in getting into the housekeeping industry, then you should take note of the facts and details below. Do you want to go straight to the  housekeeping resume templates? Click here.

Where Do Housekeepers Work?

Many people think of hotels before anything else when thinking about where a housekeeper actually works, but there are many different types of places where housekeepers are in demand. Hotels are definitely one type of business that benefits from having maids and housekeepers on staff, but resorts, hospitals, retirement communities and other types of business need them as well. You also have to think about housekeeping services that make house calls because this is another part of the housekeeping industry that often gets overlooked. Pre-existing experience in such facilities may be a valuable addition to your housekeeping resume.

How to Get Started in the Housekeeping Industry

Once you have constructed your housekeeping resume, you will need to find your ideal position. Most businesses that hire housekeepers are willing to train their new employees because there is not much of a market for an education in housekeeping. Although experience is definitely a bonus that you can put on your resume in certain situations, the fact of the matter is that entry level housekeepers are not going to have any experience. It will be easier to find new housekeeping jobs once you have experience, but the reality of the situation is that finding that first company to give you a chance could be a bit difficult. If you can prove that you have been able to hold down a job in any other industry, then that will be very helpful when it comes to getting started with housekeeping.

Becoming an Executive Level Housekeeper

If you are more interested in the business side of things, then you will usually need some kind of business degree to get the higher paying job. Hotels, resorts and other places that need housekeepers almost always have one executive who is there to keep everyone in order and manage the rest of the housekeepers on staff. This kind of job comes with a better salary and better hours, but you will still have to get your hands dirty from time to time. There is always the possibility that you could work yourself up to this position after starting as a housekeeper, but most businesses look to hire a manage from outside the current staff. Ready to start your career? Select a housekeeping resume template below.

housekeeping resume template

housekeeping resume template


housekeeping resume sample

housekeeping resume sample

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