Military based resume example


Military Based Resume

Below is an example of a resume that clearly reflects a job in the military. It’s typical of a resume that a former military person might write and contains terminology which might not be easily understood by a hiring manager who works in the public sector.

THOMAS R. SMITH, 3767 Carnation Drive, Olympia, Washington 98513-4181




A position where extensive administrative/managerial experience and formal education, as well as interpersonal and organizational abilities will be utilized in a challenging, growth-oriented environment.



Over 16 years in positions of increasing responsibility within the U.S. Armed Forces, encompassing the following areas:


  • Operations Management              - Personnel Administration


  • Program Development                            - Manpower Deployment


  • Inventory Management                            -   Budget Administration


  • Training Development                                      - Liaison Activities


  • Public Relations              - Records Management

Designed, implemented, and managed numerous training programs; conducted seminars and briefing sessions.

Developed, initiated, and evaluated new procedures, policies, and internal controls; assessed and resolved complex operational problems.

Supervised office and field staff; coordinated work flow.

Worked closely with senior-level management in long-term strategic planning.



HISTORY   UNITED STATES ARMY                                                                 1971-Present


Mobilization & Plans Officer                                                        1983-Present

Fort Sheridan, Illinois


  • Manage mobilization planning efforts of 36 Manage mobilization planning efforts of of 36 Army Reserve and National Guard commands in a seven state region. Coordinate and assist in review of plan affecting wartime mobilization and deployment of 70,000 personnel. Manage and coordinate Military Airlift Command Airlift Training Program.


  • Developed first formal Air Reserve Forces-Army Reserve Forces airlift training program, involving management of airlift assets valued at more than $500,000 annually.

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Military Based Resume Example - Continued

  • Developed first formal Air Reserve Forces-Army Reserve Forces airlift training program, involving management of airlift assets valued at more than $500,000 annually.


  • Developed mobilization evaluation program for evaluation of deployment of National Guard brigade to Europe; program has been adopted for use to evaluation Reserve Component deployments throughout the United States.


Army Ground Liaison Officer                                                   1980-1983

McChord AFB, Washington


  • Briefed aircrews on dealing with airlift support of Army forces. Served as military representative to aerospace industry team responsible for the approval and certification of equipment and aircraft for airlifts.


  • Coordinated the administrative and logistical support of U.S. and allied forces deploying through the base.


  • Developed specialized Environmental Impact Statement that gained approval for use of an environmentally sensitive area as a tactical airlift training complex. Approval resulted in the saving of over $100,000 in yearly training costs.


Assistant G-3 Training Officer/G-3 Air                                                1979-1980

Fort Lewis, Washington


  • Planned and coordinated individual training program for a 19,000 person infantry division; conducted weekly training quality inspections on selected units.


  • Directed training readiness and records management review for over 30 battalion size units; reviews were used to evaluate unit’s capability of deploying in support of worldwide events.


  • Designed and implemented deployment readiness procedures for assigned combat units; managed $2.5 million dollar military and civilian airlift support budget.


Battery Commander                                                                 1978-1979                     Fort Lewis, Washington

Commanded a 150 person combat unit responsible for world wide deployment in response to hostile actions; conducted periodic organizational analysis to ensure that unit was capable of meeting deployment requirements.

  • Established staff and leadership development program to increase junior officer and non-commissioned officer advancement opportunities. Program was accepted by senior leadership as the standard for all managers.


  • Managed $3 million supply and service account.


Battery Commander                                                                 1977-1978                     Camp Stanley, ROK

Commanded a 125 personnel combat unit in the Republic of Korea with responsibility for ensuring that organization was capable of meeting its wartime mission.


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Military Based Resume Example - Continued

  • Directed day-to-day activities of unit to include implementation and monitoring Department of the Army’s Equal Opportunity Program.


  • Authored specialized Army Training and Evaluation Program which became the standard for the Army’s rocket capable units.


Pentagon Bicentennial Tour Director                                       1976-1977

Washington, D.C.

  • Assisted in the planning and development of the Pentagon’s Bicentennial Tour Program established to celebrate the United States’ 200th


  • Selected by the Assistant Secretary of the Army to manage a multi-service public affairs office of 30 personnel responsible for escorting visitors to the Pentagon.


  • Planned and developed tour itineraries for visiting dignitaries, senior level government officials, and members of the media.
  • Coordinated security clearances for entrance into secure areas of the Pentagon.

Detachment Commander                                                         1974-1976

Washington, D.C.

  • Commanded specialized unit responsible for providing personnel, fiscal, and administrative support to over 1,500 personnel located throughout the greater Washington, D.C. regional area.
  • Was instrumental in the transition from a manual personnel accountability system to an automated system which resulted in a 20% reduction in personnel costs.
  • Commanded specialized unit responsible for providing personnel, fiscal, and administrative support to over 1,500 personnel located throughout the greater Washington, D.C. regional area.
  • Was instrumental in the transition from a manual personnel accountability system to an automated system which resulted in a 20% reduction in personnel costs.
  • Conducted a manpower survey that was the basis for determining the level of employee support required to operate a large scale dining facility.


Other Military Assignments                                                     1971-1976

World Wide

PREVIOUS     United States Air Force                                                             1964-1967



EDUCATION     UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, Knoxville, Tennessee             1971

                                    B.S. in Personnel Management,

MILITARY        Army Command and General Staff College                            1981

EDUCATION     Air Force Staff College                                                            1982




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Demilitarized Combination Functional Chronological Resume Example

Shown below is an example of a military based resume that has been demilitarized using a combination functional chronological format. This resume takes all the elements of the militarized resume and translates them into public sector terms that are easily understood by hiring managers who can apply your skills to their jobs.


THOMAS R. SMITH, 3767 Carnation Drive, Olympia, Washington 98513-4181




Strong organizational and people skills. Proven leader with over 25 years of progressively successful experience in administrative and management positions.


B.S. Business Administration. University of Tennessee,                                              1971

Army Command and General Staff College. Course emphasis placed on organization theory, personnel management and international issues.     1981

Air Force Command and Staff College. Emphasis placed on senior level management and personnel administration.         1982

Extensive technical in-service training with emphasis on administrative functions, human resources management and Equal Opportunity Programs.


Responsible for managing personnel, fiscal and material resources required to operate administrative support centers serving employees located in the United States and Japan.

Wrote functions manual that established job specifications and standards used by mid and upper level managers to complete yearly employee performance evaluations.

Directed staff of employees responsible for Secretary of Defense directed specialized public affairs activities and liaison with congressional staffers.

Coordinated security requirements necessary for gaining entrance into sensitive areas of the Pentagon.

Managed the daily operations of a Human Resource office responsible for providing all phases of personnel service support to 1500 employees located throughout Maryland, Virginia and metropolitan Washington, D.C

Annually completed the review and approval of human resource plans affecting the responsiveness of 70,000 personnel to local and national emergencies.

Provided consultative services to twenty two state agencies in the development and implementation of agency affirmative plans in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

Perform additional duties as Executive Search recruiter, which included sourcing and initial screening for suitable candidates, conducting telephone interviews and background reference checks.



Demilitarized Combination Functional Chronological Resume Example - Continued


Developed and implemented affirmative action plan for organization experiencing severe racial disharmony. Reduced racial incidents by 50% and grievances by 25%.

Analyzed violations of organizational code of conduct and administered disciplinary actions in accordance with published corporate guidelines.

Conceived, planned and directed professional development program for 150 employee organization. Program increased personnel retention by 25%.

Planned and conducted monthly Race Relations Seminars for multiracial groups of employees working in a highly charged racial environment. Seminar format was adopted as a model for use by other corporate agencies to identify and reduce potential racial incidents.


As a consultant to a 5,000 employee complex organization designed and presented seminars on organizational structure and its application to the accomplishment of organizational long and short term goals.

Coordinated with local governments and citizen groups to gain use of environmentally sensitive areas for training. Resulting Environmental Impact Statement was described as one where all parties came out winner.

Planned and managed individual training program for a 19,000 person multifunction organization. Developed and implemented remedial training program utilizing self-help learning centers and improved programmed training material. Program resulted in a 45% improvement in employee performance.

Completed manpower and cost analysis study for use by local congressional delegation to obtain reversal of government decision to close $35,000,000 training facility.


1987-1990: CAE of Canada

1971-1987: Department of Army

military based resume example

military based resume example

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