Resume Objective Statement Example


Change each time?

Yes. Customization makes the difference between a Resume objective

that works or does not work.

My " Career objective "?

Think shorter term. You must make this flexible section. Do not write that " Goal ", this will help.

For more details and specific examples.

If you had one thing to say

In reading the job, you can summarize it in one sentence, what is your goal!

Ex.  "Get functions lease administration with predominance in negotiation and representation from the owners" 


The key to success here is to be specific enough that the recruiter feels challenged. Too many times I've seen:

  • Objective : "Caring for the communication projects of a media company" 
  • Recruiter : "Which projects? Why us? Because we're in the media? "

Refute an objection, without being

  • Recruiter : "I like his resume, but there is this experience in the food, what does he really do? "
  • Objective  : "To ensure revenue growth of a pharmaceutical company by integrating a position in operational analysis of sales"

The recruiter continues reading without this concern in mind. You just clarify your intentions.

Dubious goals

Distractions caused by the choice of words:

  • Objective : "To stabilize my career in a health organization" 
  • Recruiter : "Stabliser? Uh, I do not think so. Not here anyway, that's for sure. "
  • Objective "Find an organization that can meet all my needs" 
  • Recruiter : "A company please syndicated"  

Lazy objectives

Goals that were not suitable for the job:

  • Objective : "Finding a job in the field of communications" 
  • Recruiter : "It communicates strong here in there! " 
  • Objective : "Me do in a job that presents several challenges in an effective organization" 
  • Recruiter : "Tried you to tell me something? " 



Although the objective is often positioned first in a Resume, it could, ultimately, be second depending  of your section of professional skills relative to the job.

resume objective samples

resume objective samples

resume objective statement example

resume objective statement example

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