Student Resume Examples #002


Here is an example of classic CV for a student or a resume student. It is simple and effective. You can rely on the information contained in this curriculum vitae to give you ideas on what to put in your resume.

You could also use this model even if you are not a student. Simply enter the information and customize it.

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example student resume

example student resume


Please describe in a few lines what you hope for your future and what you would like to do as a long-term position. Employers are sensitive to what you can give such information because they want to find people who really want.


High school 2013

College Saint-Alexansuoi, solo 2013



2012 cook

KakCrote, Karabazua

  • Prepare food.
  • Sale and serve customers.
  • Maintenance of the premises.

Handyman 2010

Toyota kasak, solo

  • Cleaning of the premises.

  • Several menus work.

  • Move vehicles.


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