Administrative Healthcare Resume Sample


Administrative Healthcare Resume Sample


Severe, Timothy
4 Contreds St. San Francisco, California
(232) 233- 2364

Excellent computer skills and able to work with MS word, Excel, Access and Crystal Reports Software.
Also adapt in MIMS medical management Software and other hospital related software.
With excellent Communication skills and interpersonal skills.


2003- Present Bibo Corporation and management firm. Houston, Texas

  • Provides elaborate data collection and dissemination.
  • Provides adequate data analysis.
  • Able to troubleshoot units.
  • Able to produce charts and other data management examples.
  • Straight forward analysis.
  • Systematic client/patient management.
  • Participating in multidisciplinary rounds.
  • Able to increase health awareness by 30%.
  • Providing care according to California Health management protocols.
  • Providing emotional support via client consultation activities.
  • Managed start up of new facility, implemented team concept and achieved performance standards that exceeded first-year goal by 50%.
  • Researched on infectious diseases such as SARS and STD diseases.
  • Flexibility when working with others.
  • Functional improvements made by patients.
  • Lead overall activities and optimize the performance of the study team as concluded in the recent 2006 SARS Study.
  • Commended by division supervisor for establishing teams, supervising successful new plant start up and exceeding production, quality and safety protocols.
  • Monitor study progress such as patient progress and out patient education.
  • Study data listings and researches on 200 known diseases.
  • Track and manage studies to agreed timeline, savings, previous costs and other significant payments.
  • Initiated use of Development Control and Employee Involvement activities to achieve highest output in 11 years (40% increase).

Education :

Hesmine College, El Paso, Texas
Licensed Nurse, issued; 2002

Activities : Participated in SARS awareness program during its outbreak (2005)

Personal Accomplishments: 
Awardee; Seveil Margeux International Award for Outstanding Health Administrators (2006)
Awardee; Sexton Jackson Grant for outstanding health care professionals (2004)
Speaker; SARS Awareness Conference, San Francisco, California (2004)
Author; Health Administrative Jargons and Protocols. 1st Ed. (2004)

Joan Lambert M.D. Seminar for Guilian-Barre Syndrome (2005)
Joan Lambert M.D. Seminar for Placenta Abruptio (2005)
Joan Lambert M.D. Seminar for Myocardial Infarction (2005)
Dewey Gefvrey Seminar for Drug Addiction (2004)


Administrative Healthcare Resume Sample

Administrative Healthcare Resume Sample

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