Physical Therapist Resume Sample

Physical Therapist Resume Sample

Physical Therapist Resume Sample

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John Michael 50 Division Ave. 19, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Home 001-123-4567890


Position as a Physical Therapist in a big healthcare center that would enable me to use all my previous experiences and knowledge in treatment of disabled people to move and work in their rest of lives.


Utilized treatment methods, such as psychotherapy, hypnosis, behavior modification, stress reduction therapy, psychodrama, and play therapy. Developed, directed, and participated in staff training programs. Assisted clients to gain insight, defined goals, and planned action to achieve effective personal, social, educational, and vocational development and adjustment. Selected, administered, scored, and interpreted psychological tests to obtain information on individuals intelligence, achievement, interest, and personality. Worked well as a team member or independently. Effective management, outstanding technical and supervisory skills.


Director of Physical Therapy Crew • Supervised and maintained the adequate supply of treatment equipment

• Took part in hiring, firing and training of the new physical therapists

• Evaluated effected of treatment at various stages and adjusted treatments to achieve maximum benefit

• Planned and prepared written treatment program based on evaluation of patient data

• Recorded treatment, response, and progress in patients chart and entered information into computer

• Instructed patient and family in treatment procedures to be continued at home

• Administered manual exercises to improve and maintain function

• Administered traction equipment for patients to relieve pain

Assistant Physical Therapist • Provided direct patient care

• Fitted patients for orthopedic braces, prostheses, and supportive devices, such as crutches

• Transported patients to and from treatment area

• Performed clerical duties, such as taking inventory, ordering supplies, answering telephone, taking messages, and filling out forms

• Administered active and passive manual therapeutic exercises, therapeutic massage, and heat, light, sound, water, and electrical modality treatments, such as ultrasound

• Instructed, motivated, and assisted patients to learn and improve functional activities, such as perambulation, transfer, ambulation, and daily-living activities

• Safeguard, motivated, and assisted patients practicing exercises and functional activities under direction of professional staff

• Secured patients into and onto therapy equipment

• Assisted patients to dress, undress, and put on and remove supportive devices, such as braces, splints, and slings

• Adjusted fit of supportive devices for patients, as instructed

• Trained patients in use and care of orthopedic braces, prostheses, and supportive devices, such as crutches

• Observed patients during treatments and compiled and evaluated data on patients responses to treatments and progress, and reported to physical therapist

• Recorded treatment given and equipment used


Director of Physical Therapy 2007 to Present

Therapists Healthcare Center, Stockton, California

Physical Therapist Assistant 2005 to 2007

Best Therapists Services Center, Oakland, California


• Excellent communication skills both written and oral.

• Deep knowledge of therapy treatments

• Highly motivated to serve humanity

• Work well independently as well as within a team

• Good skills of problem solving

• High energy level

• Leadership Qualities

• Patience

• Confident

• Sympathy


B.S. Physical Therapy 2002

National University Colorado, USA


Physical Therapy Advanced Techniques Direct Patient Care Training Center, Vista, California, 2003

Physical Therapy Equipment Operator Therapists Training Center, Vista, California, 2003

Learnt proper and safe use of all latest physical therapy equipments and dealing with the patients.


Will be provided upon request


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