Resume Sample for a Highschool graduate without job experience


Nico Bringes
0725 South Harpeth, Nashville, TN 37215
(645) 370 3527

• A High School Graduate without any job experiences but is seeking for a job opportunity for college education funds.
• A very well rounded person who can accomplish tasks at a given minimum amount of time.
• Have very good sales talk skills.
• Has a very good outlook in life.
• Focused in achieving goals.
• Easy to get along with.
• Values the importance of time.

Summary of Skills

  • Works properly and accordingly with the given instructions.
    • Can easily absorb what is taught.
    • Has a long patience and is willing to work with people with problem attitudes.
    • Computer literate
    • Needs minimal to no instruction in computer works.
    • Works independently.
    • Have artistic skills which may help the company in the future.
    • Willing to work longer hours if needed.

Educational Attainment:
• 2006 Overthrown High School‎, 4220 Franklin Pipe, Nashville, TN, USA
Computer Skills
• Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Flowcharting II, Photoshop(Adobe), Flash Dreamweaver
Web Designing, Html Encoding (advance)

Other Activities:

  • Photography and photography tutorial to little kids
    • Accepts web design jobs from different sites.
    • An online consultant for HTML encoding.
    • Sings in a bar for extra income.
    • Helps in church community every weekend.
    • Active in online gaming.
    • Graphic artist of School Newspaper during the high school days.
    • Helping, volunteering for outreach programs in and out of the state.

• Maintaining a blog
• Landscape photography
• Teaching little children photography
• Singing and composing songs
• Creating web site design for people
• Editing pictures
• Drawing using medium-oil paint, pencil, ball pen
• Traveling from one place to another
• Watching the television
• Surfing the web
• Reading magazines


Resume Sample for a Highschool graduate without job experience

Resume Sample for a Highschool graduate without job experience

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