Sample Expanded Resume

Sample Expanded Resume

Sample Expanded Resume

Sample Expanded Resume

Bevo Longhorn


123 University Station                                                                                                                   (512) 333 - 3333

Austin, Texas 78713                                                                                           


8/23/06-5/30/09              Cedar Creek High School                                                                                Cedar Creek, Texas

  • GPA:
  • Class Rank:



2/01/07-5/15/08              McBevo’s (Austin, Texas)

Cashier                                                                                                                       3 hrs/week

  • Took customer orders and prepared feed bags for drive-thru
  • Managed day-shift herd and prepared weekly schedules


6/11/08-8/01/09              Angus, Holstein and Angus, L.L.P. (Dallas, Texas)

Intern                                                                                                                        15 hrs/week

  • Assisted with preparation of civil rights motions related to

the banning of cattle branding and sheep shearing practices


ACTIVITIES                (Includes extracurricular, community, religious and volunteer activities)

10th-12th                                       Longhorn Central High School Student Council

Member (10th-11th), Lead Horn (12th—Elected)                                                                   3 hrs/week

  • Organized special movement of Longhorns to tutor horses,     36 weeks/year

goats and sheep

  • Represented the elder cattle in a “Eat More Chicken”

leadership consortium


9th-12th                                        Longhorn Football Team                                                                                                       10 hrs/week

Water Bearer (9th-11th), Senior Water Bearer (12th—Elected)                                         18 weeks/year

  • Provided crystal clear water for fellow steers


10th-12th                                                        Save Our Skins Foundation

Member                                                                                                                        1 hr/week

  • Organized an anti-skinning rally involving 250 cows     12 weeks/year
  • Picketed a local leather manufacturer for 24 hours



9th                                                 Texas’ Shiniest Horns Award

  • Selected from more than 850 longhorns in Central Texas


10th                                               All-District Horse Shoe Pitching Team


12th                                               Eagle Scout



ACHIEVEMENTS        Languages

  • Fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language

Musical Instruments

  • Played various horns since 3rd grade

Communication Skills

  • Extensive experience mooing to large herds


EXPERIENCE              Relay for Life, Bastrop County                                                                                       4hr/week

  • Collected donations        8weeks/year


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