Resume Sample for Clinical Researcher



Ben Artkins
232 Jowy Boulivard
San Francisco, USA 55432
(555) 346-5678

• Advocate for disease control, analyzing specimens that hinder the health of the client
• Case Studies, Clinical Evaluation Studies, Program Implementation
• Flexible; Hardworking; able to move with minimal supervision
• Maintain code of decorum with excellent analyzing skills
• With positive attitude and a knack for problem-solving
• Team leader, able to manage groups in working evaluations and various tests

2005 Present Junior Clinical Research Scientist Texas Institute, El Paso, Texas
• Provide scientific input to the development of contingencies, where the emerging data require changes to individual studies under provisions enlisted within the hospital.
• Implement the amended diagnostics, evaluation and procedures needed in clinical research with basis on the provisions given by the hospital.
• Communicate findings to sub-team, clinical evaluations and various activities delivered by the hospital.
• Lead activities and optimize the performance of the workgroups.
• Monitor study progress such as client’s recruitment and protocol compliance.
• Study data listings and tables review, including scientific content and data validation.
• Track and manage studies to agreed timeline, budget and resource, highlighting significant variances within the study team.
• Train internal and external study personnel in study specific activities.
• Develop detailed study outlines and ensure medical and scientific input in study reports.
• Interpret data arising from studies and assess potential consequences for future protocols.
• Manage the delivery of clinical study protocols, study agreements, clinical study reports, applications and other study documentation such as newsletters and study presentations.
• Forecast timelines, budget, materials and resource and correlation with the data released upon CDC.
• Assist in completion work and the development of clinical research and development procedures.
• Recommend choice of study placement and participate in negotiations within the different elements under hospital management.

University of Arizona, Arizona (2006)
Ph.D., Chemistry


Resume Sample for Clinical Researcher

Resume Sample for Clinical Researcher


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