Resume Samples 2017

Resume Samples 2017

Resume Samples 2017

Full Name

Street Address

City, State Zip Code

(406) 555-7682

(make sure you have a professional sounding email, not, etc.)



One to two sentence summary of what you hope to accomplish and why you are applying to the job,scholarship etc. Show ambition, maturity and confidence in your wording.



Sentinel High School, Missoula, MT (2008-present)


Honors/AP/higher level courses taken:


Work Experience:

Most recent employer, position, (Date started- Date ended)

Duties: What you did. Responsibilities you had. Skills you obtained and used. Show how well-rounded you are with a variety of experiences.

Reason for leaving: Sound professional and positive. Not “I quit” or “I was fired”


Next most recent employer, position, (Date started- Date ended)


Reason for leaving:

Third most recent, position, (Date started- Date ended)


Reason for leaving:


NOTE: If you do not have work experience, or very little, include a personal attributes section and/or volunteer work section if you have a significant amount of volunteer work.



Volleyball, folfing, rafting, camping, working out, food, travel, shopping, pop culture etc. (Be appropriate, sound interesting and well-rounded.)



Person 1, their job title or how you know them. **try to get variety of people (employers, parents friends, teachers). Make sure to ask if it is ok to use them as a reference.

(406) 555-5244 or


Person 2, owner of business

(406) 555-5571 or


*Try to keep resume and cover letter to one page each.

* Make it eye catching but clean looking

*PROOF READ!!! Nothing will ruin a first impression like typos


Full Name (Bold, larger print)


Home phone

cell phone

Email (professional sounding)


Personal Attributes: (examples)

Reliable, Responsible, Committed

Efficient organizational skills

Competent in effective clear communication

Positive attitude, charismatic personality, passionate

Goal-oriented, disciplined

Strong leadership and interpersonal skills

Effective in organizing and balancing multiple tasks

Superior level of flexibility, adaptability, and dedication

Enthusiastic, hard working, productive



Fall (year of entry into high school)-present, Sentinel High School, Missoula, MT

Type of academic program (example: college preparatory coursework, area of focus)

GPA: (If respectable)


Academic and Extracurricular Activities:

Honors classes, year taken

Student clubs, years involved

Community clubs/organizations, years involved

Special training, year

Academic honors, year and area

School recognition, year received

Athletic participation in school, years participated

Athletic participation in community programs, years of participation

Athletic honors, years received

Community extracurricular involvement, area and years of involvement


Work and Volunteer Experience:

Employment, length and time

Independent work (examples: child care, lawn care, snow removal), length of employment

Volunteer work in community, length and time

Volunteer work in school, length and time


References: (2 to 4 names)

Name Name

Phone Phone

Position held or relation to you Position held

           (examples: employers, teachers, counselors, family friends, community leaders)

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