Software Engineer Resume Examples

Software Engineer Resume Examples

Software Engineer Resume Examples

Colin MacDonald

2910 20th ST South, Arlington, VA 22204
(703) 271-0033


Strong technical generalist with a focus on networked applications and open-source tools. Proven record of initiative and innovation in crafting software to meet organizational needs. Eager to learn, and able to adopt new techniques and technology quickly, but focused on business value. Balances “big picture” issues with attention to detail. Writes good, clean, elegant, maintainable code. Plays well with others. Gets things done.


Full life-cycle, full-stack development. Client contact. Agile methodologies. Web applications and services. Distributed, asynchronous processing. Python/Django, Java, Perl, Bash, Erlang, C. Javascript, Coffeescript, jQuery, NodeJS, AngularJS, Backbone, Bootstrap, Handlebars. Regular expressions. SQL, HTML, CSS/Sass, XML/XSLT. Solr/Lucene. Git, Subversion. Apache, Tomcat. Linux, Macintosh.

Work Experience

Library of Congress (CACI contractor), Washington, DC - July 2012 to August 2013

Designed and implemented internal web services in Python/Django. Implemented and refactored Python data migration code using Django and SQLAlchemy which also interacted with Solr/Lucene data store and back-end web services. Developed lightweight tools for regression testing and web service QA.

Prime Radiant - March 2012 to June 2012

Developer for service: Extended rich client interface in Coffeescript and server-side functionality in Perl.

Blackstone Technology Group, Arlington, VA - May 2011 to present

Senior Technical Consultant: Implemented mobile banking solutions - customized vendor software and integrated to back-end systems using web services built on Java Enterprise/Spring tools. Improved build and deployment practices. Developed tools for system analysis and process automation.

Matrix Group International, Crystal City, VA - Sep 2009 to Oct 2010

Software Developer: Developed Python/Django applications to allow union members to manage benefits information. Included legacy data migration and HIPAA compliant encrypted storage.

CodeRyte, Bethesda, MD - Feb 2006 to May 2009

Senior Software Engineer: Developed GWT/Lucene application to enable customers to search and view historical data. Designed and developed Perl webapps to enable non-technical users to manage system configuration, including regression testing workflow and version control interaction. Introduced tools and practices to improve software development process.

More details in the Config Editor and Batch Runner portfolio stories.

Templar Corporation, Alexandria, VA - Apr 2001 to Sep 2005

Senior Software Developer: Developed Java web applications to facilitate access to multiple, disparate legacy data sources. Successfully re-envisioned, designed and implemented core application, resulting in dramatic improvements in performance and maintainability, and reduced customer configuration effort. Introduced tools and practices to improve software development process. Provided project technical management, including requirements gathering, architecture, task decomposition, and mentoring of junior staff.

More details in the Core Application Re-design portfolio story.

Templar was acquired by Choicepoint in February 2004, and merged into its i2 subsidiary in 2005.

Microstate Corporation, Fairfax, VA - Aug 1999 to Feb 2001

Developed B2B web sites with server-side Java accessing SQL databases, running on Linux systems. Performed requirements analysis for business integration software.

Erols Internet, Springfield, VA - May 1997 to Jun 1999

Internet Developer: Administered various Unix systems. Developed software tools for customer management, involving small SQL database design and development, and Perl CGI. Co-wrote C interface between ActiveWorks messaging middleware and customer management system.

Lunaria, Alexandria, VA - Jul 1995 to May 1997

Developed several educational titles using Macromedia Director, including a window management toolkit. Designed and developed Web pages using HTML and Javascript. Programmed for CD-i platform as detailed below. Responsible for needs analysis and technical communications with clients, who included Imagine Publishing and The Smithsonian Institution.

CapDisc, Bethesda, MD - Apr 1992 to Feb 1995

Software Engineer: Assistant, then Lead Engineer for entertainment and educational titles created for CD-i platform. Cross-developed C/OS9 code in Solaris environment to create event-driven, real-time applications involving CD-ROM and MPEG-1 decoder. Worked closely with art and production staff throughout design and development.

Interactive Television Co., Arlington, VA - Jul 1990 to Apr 1992

Software Engineer: Developed C code for interactive, live-action video training simulator; and for video surrogate travel system.

MicroMagic, Amherst, MA - Sep 1988 to Sep 1989

Programmer: Wrote C code for Macintosh and Amiga ports of Electronic Arts’ Starflight game. Implemented game mechanics, graphics control, interface, and database.


  • “Amateur Erlang” at ErlangDC conference, Feb 2013 (
  • “Crafty Erlang” at ErlangDC conference, Dec 2011 (
  • “Erlang: Your New Favorite Scripting Language?” at Erlang users group, Aug 2011 (


B.A: Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
Major: Mathematics (Computer Science)
May 1988


US Citizen. Not willing to relocate.


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