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You are interested in the profession of barber / hairdresser ? Here's a guide that will enable you to see more clearly, help you think if this profession is in line with your expectations. and find the training path corresponding to your wishes. You will find below information enabling you to guide in your search.

personal qualities

The barber or hairdresser should:

  • have a good presentation
  • have a sense of contact, be courteous
  • to listen to its customers
  • exercise psychology
  • be sensitive to the artistic concept
  • to listen to hairstyling trends
  • get creative
  • be endowed with a certain physical strength
  • bear to stand several hours
  • not allergic to dyes products

Nature barber / hairdresser's work

The hairdressing sector includes all the aesthetic and hygienic care of the hair:

  • routine care (such as shampoo, cut and blow-drying)
  • The scalp treatment, permanent, color, beard
  • Depending on the size of the room in which you exercise, other qualification levels appear: carpet cleaner , assistant hair stylist , barber , mixed hairdresser ,colourist , permanentiste .

The hair is not only a technique. It combines human contact, creativity and professional technique. This is why the formation of the hairdresser is very important. it must indeed be able to style while entertaining a client.

Work places

The hairdresser may exercise either as an employee ( hair salons , beauty salons ,major hotels , Thalassos).  or as a freelancer ( barber / hairdresser at home ,hairdresser ).
Different programs and degrees

The CAP Coiffure

Preparing 2 years after the 3rd class:

  • In private establishment ( hairdressing schools or training centers ) orvocational school .


  • Training alternating with practical training conducted by company:
    • Still learning: theoretical instruction is conducted in a CFA (Apprentice Training Centre) of the Trade Chambers.
    • In professional contract : theoretical education is generally provided by a Professional College but also in some private schools.

Any person holding a CAP , a BEP or BAC in another specialty can prepare the CAP Coiffure in one year.
The registration is done on review of school records. The Coiffure CAP is the first compulsory level give access to the profession of barber / hairdresser .

The training provided under the CAP includes hair:

  • The technologies related to hairdressing
  • Biology
  • The product technology (chemical properties of hair products)
  • Technology hardware ...

The owner of the CAP Coiffure , may practice as an employee or choose to create or acquire a business.

It also provides access to:

  • At the mention Complementary Coiffure
  • At BP Coiffure

Mention Complementary Coiffure

La Coiffure Complementary Mention prepares one year after obtaining Coiffure CAP . It allows further specialization. In the field of hair , it is possible to prepare thecolorist-permanentiste Complementary Mention and Mention Complementary designer-stylist . Preparation by the school route in vocational schools or private schools or learning in apprentice training centers ( CFA) and in a learning master. For adults already engaged in working life, the Complementary Mention may be prepared within the framework of continuing education.

BP Coiffure

The BP (Brevet Professionnel) Hairstyle is also preparing in two years he specialized with the study of two options:

A: Stylist-beautician

B: colourist permanentiste .
The training combines again, general subjects and vocational education. After obtaining this degree and professional experience of two years, it is possible to take the exam for managing its own lounge. The majority of young people prepare these diplomas in CFA (training centers for apprentices) or of private schools Coiffure. but it is also possible to receive training in a vocational school .

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hairdresser resume examples

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