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You are interested in the profession of Coach Sportif  ? Here's a guide that will enable you to see more clearly, help you think if the profession of Coach Sportif is in line with your expectations and find the training path corresponding to your wishes. Alternating supervision of private or group lessons ( step aerobics, cycling, cardio.) and strength in Council, the trainer exerts either a sports club or as a coach at home independent. you will find below information enabling you to guide you in your search.

personal qualities

The sports coach must:

  • love sports
  • having as focus pedagogy in sport
  • have the sense of touch
  • to listen to its customers
  • exercise psychology and patience
  • have a business sense to manage and promote its activity
  • be endowed with physical and nervous resistance

Nature of Work Sports Coach

Depending on the nature of the exercise of its function, the coach home or the sports coach in a club differently exercise its benefits.

To advise clients on fitness plateaus, the sports coach helps to choose the device (bike, treadmill, rowing machine.) Best suited to the customer profile and expectations.Depending on age, health status and the client's objective, the trainer helps it to establish a customized training program, effective and safe for health.

As part of the individual or home course, the trainer tracks down inappropriate postures or mishandling of sports equipment. The trainer also oversees private or group lessons. He then target its advice and exercises on building muscle parts of the body (abdominals, glutes, biceps.) Or heart and respiratory endurance (cardio), all in a suitable musical atmosphere to motivate or customer groups.
Places exercise sportsman Coach

Most of the use of the sports coach is in franchise fitness clubs (Club Med Fitness, Moving, Fitness first.) Or independent. A trainer can also exert a center (eg municipal) recreation or vacation, being hired by a works council, an association but also become independent ( home coach ).

Working time sports coach

If the full time available in major Parisian venues, it is often by combining part-time in several organizations the trainer saw his craft. This issue is even more sensitive for independent exercising the profession coach at home .

Customers fitness halls like those of coaches at home practicing their activities more readily in the evenings and on weekends, the trainer often working unsociable hours.
professional life coach sports

Fitness and fitness are very fashionable. The need for sports coaches are important provided they show mobile and city. Major cities have, in fact, a greater number of job opportunities for sports coaches.

After a few years of experience, a personal trainer can, within a large franchise chain, be responsible fitness, then deputy director or director of a fitness center.
Remuneration of sports coach

Salary of a beginner trainer

1 300 1 500 euros gross per month.
The diplomas of trainer

To exercise the profession of sports coach , it is essential to hold a degree in the form of trades.

Currently training for accessing the trainer trades are:

Baccalaureate standard


Professional patent Youth, Popular Education and Sport ( BPJEPS ), specialty gymnastic activities, form and strength: if no degree is required in advance, the tray is still desired to incorporate this training .
It must be aged 18 years u, hold the training certificate in first aid ( AFPS ) and pass the selection tests. The BPJEPS takes place alternately. Note: Holders of a 2nd year licensing and technology of physical activities and sports ( sport science ), the DEUST STAPS and the teachers of physical education and sport holders are exempt from certain events.

Bac + 2


Completion of scientific and technical university ( DEUST ) the form of trades.


Sport Coach Resume

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sport coach resume skills

sport coach resume skills

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football sport coach resume

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