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Home: 001-123-4567890                                                             1985 Ticonderoga Blvd. Suite 27

Personal: 001-210-9876543                                                     Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, USA

--: Objective:--


A position as an Analytical Chemist which may utilize all my analytical, quantitative, innovative, financial, managerial skills and past experiences and knowledge to meet company objectives.

--: Summary of Qualifications:--


As a senior Analytical Chemist Resume, I have performed various duties. Used my skills and abilities in the development of new products and chemicals and took part in managerial functions regarding the appointment of staff in laboratory and other skilled personnel. Provide on the job training to the new employees and conducted appraisals. Faced new challenges warmly and did different experiments to prove and support my ideas and then made reports and communicated these documents to the QC department.

--: Relevant Experience:--

Senior Analytical Chemist

  • Assigned duties to all junior staff members
  • Provided guideline to perform different experiments when needed
  • Maintained a proper record of all activities and findings of experiments
  • Coordinated work activities according to the requirements of the projects
  • Developed new Chemicals and also prepared a description of the new product.
  • Kept an eye on the laboratory need and ordered for the supply of the latest apparatus
  • Trained new staff in all chemical activities
  • Gave new suggestions to the employers for the expansion of the business by introducing new products


Assistant Analytical Chemist

  • Kept the laboratory under control and assisted senior chemist in conducting experiments.
  • Set the apparatus according to the instructions of the senior chemist and communicated them to the relevant staff members
  • Recorded all findings of the experiments in both manual and computerized formats
  • Performed all duties assigned by the senior chemist and reported all activities to him


--: Employment History:--

Best Herbs Inc.

Senior Analytical Chemist (2005 to Present)

Pennsylvania, USA


Best Herbs Inc.

Assistant Analytical Chemist (2003 to 2005)

Pennsylvania, USA


--: Awards:--

  • Senior Analytical Chemist, Best Herbs Inc, Pennsylvania, USA 2006       Awarded for more innovations and developments and best performer.
  • Assistant Analytical Chemist, Best Herbs Inc, Pennsylvania, USA 2004 Worked as an assistant analytical chemist and was awarded in 2004 and was prompted as a senior analytical chemist.


--: Education:--

PhD, Analytical Chemistry                                                                                                        2005

University of Science                                                                                           Pennsylvania, USA


Master of Science, Chemistry                                                                                                     2001

University of Science                                                                                           Pennsylvania, USA


--: Skills:--

  • Oral Communication             • Leadership/Supervision
  • Quality and Productivity Improvement • Creative Talent
  • Critical Thinking • Decision Making
  • Record Keeping • Research Methods
  • Team Building and Motivation • Safety Conscious
  • Analytical Behavior • Research Oriented


--: Training:--

Assistant Analytical Chemist, Best Herbs Inc, Pennsylvania, USA                                                 2003

--: Training Certificates:--

Analytical Chemist, Best Herbs Inc, Pennsylvania, USA                                                                   2003

--: References:--

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Analytical Chemist Resume Template

Analytical Chemist Resume Template

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