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helpdesk supportHelpdesk support technicians provide customer service for the users of a company's product. Whether it is software or hardware, system error eliminates the helpdesk issues over the phone the customer. Prepare your interview for a help desk position by practicing some of the computer and customer service questions a hiring manager ask.

What computer skills do you have?

Even if you do not have previous experience as a helpdesk support, show your technical skills by listing your training in computers. Mention college degree in subjects such as computer science or computer science. If you do not explain about formal university training in the subject, a list of the types of programs and computers with which you have worked and how you helped friends or family members to solve computer problems.

Tell me about your customer service experience.

Help desk technician should be proficient customer service. All previous job where you work with customers as a customer include experience. Talk about the many ways that you helped in previous jobs customers.

How do you assess stress to handle at work?

Helpdesk positions are often very stressful, as you deal with angry customers all day. Make the hiring manager that you treat the stress of work. Give a concrete example of how to relieve stress, whether it is for a quick walk outside at lunchtime or drink herbal tea.

What is the most difficult technical problem you've solved for a client?

Search hiring managers for a specific example with this question. Tell a story about how you helped a customer a difficult hardware or software problem to overcome. This story is even more impressive when you interact with the customer was only over the phone, as this will be your main method of communication in a help desk job.

Are you familiar with our software / hardware?

Most help desks work with a particular piece of software or hardware, as opposed to computers in general. The best answer would be "yes" when you should be honest. If you have the brand of cable modem is not used, you talk about how you have worked with a cable modem and networking in general. Also, a general knowledge of the company well to seek product to the hiring manager.

Are you willing to work overtime?

Although helpdesk staff schedules are usually consistent, this is not always the case. When it crashed a problem with the computer network or server, there could be an influx in customer calls. During these periods, the company will probably ask you to work overtime. If you answer this question, talk about how you would be willing to work overtime in emergencies.

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