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The application folder paper introduces the candidate, his career and his achievements. The aim is to present itself in the best possible way in order to increase his chances of getting the desired job. A persuasive application portfolio offers care, clarity and a good structure. If the application documents not appealing, does not help even the best job reference. Tips and info from RESUMEDOC.INFO.

Classical application portfolio is actually out, but ...
Meanwhile, it is common to apply online, by e-mail, an application management system or an online assessment center . However, some companies require the vacancies still a traditional application, to be sent by post. Only then you should access the wallet made of paper (or plastic). Exceptionally, it can even with a speculative application be useful, but usually is an online application faster, cheaper and more practical.

The application portfolio is the classic form of the application . It is the outer shell of the application and includes cover letter, CV , certificates and possibly other senior relevant documents. You will either be sent by mail or at the concerned person company filed or submitted.

Practical and appealing it is to be
When selecting the application folder should pay attention to the ease of use and an attractive appearance, so the first impression of the formal application a flop is not equal. The application folder looks modern and clean out ideally. Wrinkle, dog-eared, stains etc. that may not have occurred during shipping, are often seen as inadequate care and fall back negatively on the candidate.

Your individual application documents should be well presented, yet be easily removed from the map. Some of the documents are copied and passed on within the company, which is why a quick sorting must be made possible. From double folding Bewerbungsmappen is therefore strongly discouraged. They are in addition to the poor handling also very expensive. HR do not want to waste their time with the unfolding of application folders.

Plastic covers to protect the documents are indeed basically a good idea, but for the recruiter more than inconvenient. Waivers so on Sheet protectors, even if it stains or other contaminants can be avoided. Supposedly there are recruiters that signal by nail prints or copies on the plastic cover other companies that this application file has already been used and the candidate was not on the shortlist. So high costs also include tests for each application to take a wallet that appears unused.

An application: Direction
In a classic application portfolio there are certain guidelines for the order of application documents:

A cover sheet is optional and a matter of taste. It is within the discretion whether to customize it or not. If is omitted, the topsheet, the cover letter is at the top. It will not be attached because the recruiters often refer to copying or even to better work with it to be able, for. Example by taking notes or highlight certain passages. You put it in the application folder on top.

The order by letter and resume
Choose to sort the documents by cover sheet, cover letter and resume in the following order:

Possibly " Third page " / "About Me" page, current account or letter of motivation
Documents (school / Study / Education)
Certificates / certificates (eg. As language courses, IT -Knowledge, Awards)
Internship and work references

No bad copies in the application folder
The application file is to represent the candidate in the best possible light and convince the recruiter. These qualities, a certain orderliness should include as many jobs they demand. The application portfolio allows conclusions about how carefully one is. Therefore exclusively Choose copies are legible and clean and have been properly taken into the printer. Weird or bad copy of the report suggest that the process is carried unclean. This also applies for the files of the e-mail application .

The choice of paper can bring benefits. The common printer paper weighs 80 grams per sheet. If we choose, for example, a higher quality of 90 or 100 grams, shows that a little more commitment. There are applying more weight, both literally and in every sense of the word. Renunciations but on color or fluted paper.

The application portfolio should be prepared accurately and especially carefully. Who maintains a clear and uniform structure, saves at the repeated preparation of the documents a lot of time and extra work.

Choose from an application portfolio that is appealing and practical to handle. Go the application after inserting the documents again carefully and check that everything is correct and placed in the correct order.

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