How to write a good resume UK


a resume UK, usually referred to as CV, is one-sided or two-sided document, use the job seekers to present themselves to employers. A resume in the UK is similar to an American resume, no longer American CV. Your resume should your education, to highlight skills and work experience, and usually contain a cover letter. Your resume and cover letter must be entered. The aim of sending a resume and cover letter is to secure an interview.

step by step building resume UK

• List your full name and contact information at the top of the page centered. Your name should be as your contact information in a larger font. Include your full postal address (including postcode), email address and telephone number.

• Organize your educational qualifications, the listing of the latest first, and place them under a header that says "education". This section - and the rest of the CV - should not be centered. Are the universities, have visited, dates you have earned diplomas or certificates that diploma or certificate and your study area. Make sure your dates are in European style instead of month-day-year written day-month-year. Do not use the American words "big" and "small"; Simply list your specialties. If you have earned academic honors or awards, mention this along with the date. List any specific numerical scores or grade point average, as the British central system is different from the United States. List information, instead of writing them into sentences; Short lists are easier to read for the employer.

• Include a section on "language skills" and lists all language you have learned. Enter your written or spoken level in the foreign language. If you do not speak any foreign languages, do not contain this section.

• Create another section entitled "Work Experience" and in the list of your work history, starting with your last job or the job you have now. For each job, list of companies, your title, the location, the dates you worked there, your tasks and your achievements. Use bullets when listing your responsibilities and achievements. If you have worked several jobs, including the most prestigious jobs and that you apply the most relevant jobs, now. Remember that the resume should be only one or two pages long.

• Enter your legal work status as "Student Visa" or "EU citizens", in a short section entitled "Work status."

• Finish your resume with a section entitled "leisure interests." Short list of your interests and hobbies, considering how they reflect on you. For example, offer that you read and that you voluntarily you may want to present in a favorable light on the weekend. Employers are likely to ask about your interests in an interview, though, so never lie or exaggerate.

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