Create resume in half the time? We use Google Docs


resume google docsTo make a nice, professional resume, you should not seek among Internet models, format and manually select the fonts - all this can be done in half the time with the help of Google Docs.

Completely free online office suite Google Docs is part of Google Drive - cloud file storage, and it should not be downloaded to your computer, it runs in the browser.

Composer CV use, you can concentrate fully on its merits, rather than waste time on formatting. Online Office offers several pre-designed templates for resumes, and it saves your time.

Of course, you can simply open WordPad, which is part of Windows, format the text by hand and print, but why bother if Google Docs, you can do it automatically?


Go to "Template Gallery", if you already have an account with Google. If you do not have to start it, but it did not last long, for free, and it will certainly be useful in the future.

We will do separately, so looking for a model "Resume". The first seven models - Official Google. You will find something that suits you, click on "View" and if you do a job, click the "use this template".

different styles

Google Docs will automatically create a new document using the template, and opens it. You fill the usual form of information which must be specified in the summary: personal data, education, experience, etc.

Moreover, during filling can not worry about the economy - like all Google documents, all changes are automatically saved as you type.

Your resume is stored in Google Drive and you will find at any time, even if the page is suddenly farm accident.

If you need to add to the cover letter resume template, you will find in the "models of the Gallery." In addition, Google Docs provides resume templates and cover letters, decorated in the same style. For example, here you see a resume and a cover letter in the style of "fat."

To make it easy to find resume templates is in the menu name "CV and cover letters" and choose the most appropriate.

Download and print summary

When your resume is ready, you can print it or leave it electronically. If you need a paper version, you can print directly in the editor by clicking on "File" / "Print". Do not use the print function in the browser, and instead of printing a document of an entire Web page.

If you want to send a summary of the mail, you need to download a DOCX or PDF. Some companies have special requirements on the format, but if they do not care, it is better to choose PDF.

When converting a Word document, you may experience some problems with the formatting. It is unlikely, given that a simple model is used to take, but still possible. Well, PDF on all computers look the same, so you can not worry about formatting problems.

To download the document in the selected format, click "File" / "Download as" and the format you want.

OK - your professional resume is ready, and if you need to send it to another company, it is easy to find in "My Drive", edit and send the following employers.

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