Definition of Curriculum Vitae


Your application stands or falls with the curriculum vitae (CV) . Most HR departments seven only by the CV of the candidate and the recruiter wants to make quick and objective a picture of you. A clear, structured and brief description is required. Creative gadgets not recommended. Here is a summary of the main points that you should consider when creating your resume.

1) in table form: The curriculum begins with biographical data (name, contact, marital status) and leads then to the minimum information on education and work experience. Next you can specify language skills, computer skills, hobbies, and other skills that are relevant to the appropriate location.

2) Chronlogisch: Arrange information education and work experience in chronological order, with the most recently completed training resp. last occupied post is at the top.

3) Complete Panorama: Eighth in the information on education and work experience to imperviousness. The overall picture should not "time holes" exist. Both divisions are relevant schools and developments resp. Employers included. Remember places, kind of graduation, employers, workload and your exact position indicate (eg Matura Type C.).

4) goal-oriented: What and how much you provide in your resume, you decide due to the position for which you are applying. A related to the job "red thread" in a CV is paying off. If it is a job in the creative field, hobbies and internships in the professional field are relevant, with an application in the tourism industry for detailed language skills or study exchanges weight, etc. Make sure that the CV a balanced and attractive for the job picture of your person write. The length should not exceed a maximum of two pages.

5) Photo: The curriculum includes a color photograph and complements your application with a visual impression of your person. Are applying you set out on a golden passage in office, banking or sales area eighth on a sympathetic expression and waive experiments.

Are applying you set out on a creative job, to express the picture your personality and your style. Basically: Present yourself as you would appear at the new job to work. For more information see photo and design .

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