Describe objectives and presenting skills


Your resume objective and skill is Good?

Verbs such as understand, appreciate, value and respect can be used to formulate objectives, they can appear in the title of your CV if you choose to specify your profession along with your goals. Give a title to his resume allows the recruiter to immediately seize your expectations. Again, if your goal is to that of the company where you are applying, you gather more chances on your side.


Occupy a management assistant job for an international company.

Choose your vocabulary depending on what you want to express, to show your future employer. The action verbs used to highlight the professional achievements, accomplishments. They can also be used to present your skills and knowledge, demonstrate your analytical skills and understanding

Tip : Opt for action verbs, so you put emphasis on your skills, your knowledge and you will appear more quickly operational.


ABC Company, Lausanne
Administrative Assistant

  • Manage the filing and archiving of records: Creating an archive, sorting files, etc.
  • Organize meetings and seminars: mailing, contacting seminar centers, making PV, creating folders, etc.
  • Translate English documents into French: translation and summary reports, formal documents, processes, etc.
resume objective samples

resume objective samples

resume objective statement example

resume objective statement example

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