How to write a good CV?



To form CV

It is recommended that CV does not exceed the length of one side of A4, unless you have extensive experience or apply for a job, which is required more extensive CV. When writing a CV, using some of the more serious of fonts: Arial, Times New Roman, Arial or Tahoma. Font size should be 10 to 12 depending on the type of font, but not over 12, because large fonts leave a bad impression.

To avoid that your CV operates frivolous and non-transparent, observe the following rules:

  • When writing a CV always use the same font;
  • Do not write a CV only with capital letters;
  • Do not change the color of the letters (standard black is a good choice);
  • Do not over use italic and underlined words;
  • Do not use c, dj, ladder instead of C, C, f, w and f;
  • Pay attention to spelling.

Personal data

Here you need to enter your name, your contact details (address, phone number, e-mail address).Photography is not mandatory, but it is advisable to enter, especially if the employer has contact with several candidates. For the same reason many employers are looking for and that photo is part of a CV.The photo should be sized as a photo of the ID card and be sure not to put a photo of look frivolous, because you have to leave a positive first impression.


In this section, you should specify that you are high school and college completed. Of course, type, and that is the direction in question, as well as a place where the high school and / or college. Allegations first education soon you acquire, but if you have, for example, master or master, the first state it. Average state only if it exceeds 8.00.

Work experience

Here, specify the company where you worked, length of employment and the workplace where you worked. Please specify the jobs you have held, and which are not in the job description. The activities, which are not relevant to the job for which you are applying, you do not need further describe, but they only indicate. As with education, and here the first contact most recent employment.

Knowledge of language

Please list all the languages you know and emphasize that your knowledge level (primary, secondary, excellent). Be sure to be honest, because the employer can easily verify your claims.

Computer skills

In this section, list all the programs that you're using. Be realistic, as well as the language, the employer can easily check your level of knowledge.

Courses and seminars

If you participated in a seminar or you take a training course please specify. Themselves should introduce as a person who wants to learn and to be improved. If you do not experience this part should devote more attention.

Skills and abilities

Here, specify what you are capable of and skills that you know. Please specify whether you have a driver's license.

Personal characteristics

Give the personal qualities needed for the position to which you are applying, for example, communication skills, teamwork, persistence. Often the necessary features listed in the job posting. If some of these features do not have, do not mention.


In the rest indicate what you think is important, but you have not specified earlier. You can specify that you own and own a car, especially if it is required for the position for which you are applying.

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