Resume Writing 101: The Traditional vs. Skill Format


In the previous article, we have discussed the salient bits of information that you should put your resume. These bits may include anything and everything that will build you up and make you a bit more interesting enough to earn you an interview. And now that you have a list of all those must – include facts, the next thing that you should pay attention to is arranging them in such a way that will make them more coherent and pleasing to the eyes.

As far as organizing your resume is concerned, there are two formats that you can look at and consider. And they are: traditional and skill formats.

Traditional Format
This specific format is also coined as chronological format. It is called as such because it only entails you to list down your job experiences and your educational background in an order where the recent ones go first.
A lot of new resume writers prefer using this format because here, the facts are easier to organize and present. Some employers also happen to like this because it gives them the information they need upfront and in bullet form.

Skill or Functional Format
As implied, a resume written in skill format focuses more on emphasizing your skills or talent rather that your past job titles and your educational background. Here, you will be required to write down all the things that you can do and put them under a certain skill group. For example, if you used to work as a sales or marketing staff, you should be able to list your capabilities in that job. That may include raising group sales by 50% in a matter of 2 months, raising some thousand dollars for the company through a benefit and so on and so forth. These data will be very helpful because they will definitely catch the eyes of your potential employer (especially if you put numbers in them).

While this format can be a little tough to do because it requires more brainwork on your end, the work that you put in it may be worth it. This is because a lot of people find this format refreshing and more interesting than the traditional way.

Those are the two formats that you may want to consider when writing your resume. To determine which one will work best for you, you can check out samples online, study them and start writing away! Oh and good luck with your resume writing and job hunting!

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