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Resume Writing 

The most appropriate version of yourself


What is a Resume?

A resume is a marketing tool.  It is a method of selling your best, personal, professional and educational accomplishments and attributes to potential employers.

A resume is a well organized, one page, word-processed presentation of information that summarizes your experiences, qualifications and special skills and interests.

A resume will help you collect, organize and update information needed to apply for a job or to gain admission to a college.

A resume is a potential employer’s first impression of you.  It is a document that sells you to a potential employer.

Hiring staff typically scans a resume for about 15-20 seconds, to see if you meet the requirements and qualifications.  An effective resume should make an employer say…..

“I want to interview you!”


An Effective Resume Will…..

* Increase Interview Opportunities

*  Increase Job Offers

* Put You Ahead of the Competition

* Help Guide the Interviewer in Asking You Questions.

*  Be One Less Item You Will Need to Worry About For Your Portfolio.


Resume Tips….

* Remember….. Your Resume is Your Marketing Tool…Sell Yourself!

* Your Resume Should Be Error Free…Spell & Grammar Check!

* Always Type Your Resume.

* Have All of Your Details Ready…Correct Names, Phone Numbers, Addresses, Dates, and Responsibilities.

* Do Not Write “RESUME” at the Top of the Page!


Do’s & Don’ts of a Resume!


Do create margins and consistent spaces between categories.

Do type, spell check and punctuate your resume 100% correctly.  Do have someone proof read your resume.

Do be prepared to speak in detail about any items on your resume.

Do create a list of references to accompany your résumé.

Do save your resume on disk.  It will save you time later.

Do ask the Career Center staff to help you.  That is why we are here.

Do use a business style font, like Times Roman or CG Times.

Do leave white space on the paper.  It makes your resume look more inviting!


Don’t lie on a resume.

Don’t use the words “I” or “Me” in a standard resume.

Don’t fold a resume.  Always present it in a flat, clean format.

Don’t hand write your resume.

Don’t use flashy colors or fonts, unless the job calls for art or design.

Don’t write resume at the top of your page.

Don’t include your picture, birth date, health status or Social Security number.  (No personal information is needed on a resume.)


What To Include In Your Resume…..


  1. Heading:  At the top center of the page, type your full name, your complete address with zip code and your phone number with area code.  If you have an appropriate email address, you may include that as well (If it is business appropriate…
  2. Objective:  Objective is a short sentence telling the kind of work you are looking for or a statement of what job you are seeking.

Two Examples of an Objective are:

Objective:  Office Assistant

Objective:  Position utilizing Office Management, Computer   Skills, and Customer Service Skills.    

3. Education:  Indicate the school’s name, the city, and state address, the date intended to graduate and your GPA only if it will benefit you.  Education includes any apprenticeship training, on the job training, special workshops, seminars, military training, self-study, high school, vocational school and college (i.e. Running Start).


What To Include In Your Resume…..(continued)

  1. Relevant Course Work:  Immediately under each school, list a few of the courses you took which would interest an employer or help you in the job.  Choose to list courses that relate to the job that you are seeking (i.e. If you are applying to work at Red Robin, you can state that you have taken Chef School or Marketing).
  2. Skills/Qualifications: is a brief summary of your strengths, skills and personal attributes (i.e. organized, accurate, good listening skills) that you want to highlight for this particular employer that are specific to the job you are applying for.  Use bullets or a box format to draw attention to this section.



  •   Well Organized
  •   Highly Motivated
  •   Skilled in customer service

·   Skilled in MS Excel, Access and Power-Point


  1. Professional Experience: Beginning with you present or most recent paid or volunteer work experience, state the position you held, the name of the company you worked with, the city and state you worked in, and the dates in which you worked there.  Your work/volunteer history can be arranged in chronological order or by skills and functions.
  2. Activities:  List any activities you feel would help describe you qualifications (personal and professional) for this job.  (i.e. Sports, Boy Scouts, Clubs, Dance lessons, Skiing, Horseback Riding, etc.)  Remember to always include the dates that you participated.



2012 - Present   Girls Varsity Softball

2012 - 2013        Chess Club

2013 - Present   Ski School with Edmonds Ski School


  1. Recognition/Personal:  This is an optional section.  List any recognition (awards, honors) that you have received that would help to describe your qualification for this job.



2012       National Merit Scholar

2012        Girls Softball Most Improved


How can I say this more effectively?

Helped at Syre Extended Care Program

Supervised activities at . . .              Administered assistance at . . .

Promoted the . . .                              Officiated at . . .


Helped children in the childcare at my church

Supervise/accompany                        Coordinated activities

Inspired                                            Instructed

Accompanied                                    Mediated

Counseled                                        Entertained


“Created a peaceful working environment for the home business”

“Monitored toy placement, sanitized children’s surroundings, prepared healthy snacks”

“Officiated altercations between children and resolved canine conflicts”


Worked at Northwest Hospital

Escorted patients to their appointments at . . .         Facilitated activities at . . .

Guided visitors                                Researched . . .

Performed office tasks at . . .           Directed . . .

Helped at senior citizen center

Provided service . . .

Facilitated activities . . .


How can I say this more effectively? (continued)

Was the leader of ________ at Shorecrest High School


Managed . . .                                    Commander of . . .

Directed . . .                                     Piloted . . .

Governed . . .                                   Supervised . . .

Delegated responsibility . . .

Worked at McDonald’s


Regulated customer service             Developed enhanced service

Managed and supervised employees Cooperated with staff

Managed food service                      Distributed supplies

Coordinated                                     Showed initiative

Did the planning of the dinner


Assembled and scheduled the dinner plans

Outlined . . .                                     Drafted the planning

Chaired . . .                                      Conducted planning of

Designed and planned . . .               Navigated . . .

Initiated and coordinated . . .           Presided over . . .

Did ushering at the concert


Guided the audience                                     Promoted the concert


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