Why your resume go down


Each issue a resume, I believe your heart just more of a hope and desire, but often counterproductive, because the resume sent as sometimes ignored, no news, this is undoubtedly a serious blow to the confidence of our job. What causes this situation?

1. resume candidate status did not indicate the name of some job candidates resume does not indicate the name, for receiving hundreds of letters every day resume recruiters, this is likely to resume what was delete, Who you are is not clear target candidates, and accommodating to provide it?

2. Content and job candidates resume is clearly incompatible with some resume the presentation of the work experience and job candidates are too different, but also instantly delete objects. As enterprises to recruit software developers, preached resume work in sales or customer developer resume. Because of this resume is not highlighting any skills or expertise, their own self-development is not clear, as without a head rattling around, so job seekers, companies will not be interested.

3. resume simple content, image content can not apply for jobs that require some of the programs listed only resume their education, participate in the work of the period, the actual content of the work involved is an understatement, people can not understand what kind of work it has done, What kinds of knowledge, experience, skills, and resume the presentation of the information is limited, unnoticed recruiters.

4. The chronological resume errors or confusion case if typos, chronological confusion or an error occurs, etc. resume that will make people think of the job-seekers even the most basic things are done well, the ability to work or not to go. Therefore, your resume completed, double-check to ensure correct.

5. resume showing a "frequent job-hopping 'experience employers generally do not like the" frequent job-hopping, "who, unless you yourself have little alternative marketable skills. Of course, if job seekers in order to conceal "the frequent job-hopping" resume, causing resume untrue, even more self-defeating.

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