Step by step wiriting a good resume


introduction good resume

Writing a good resume (CV) takes careful thought and organization. A good resume profile will communicate your educational and professional experience. Using a CV in order to showcase your personal and professional achievements your marketability to improve and great employment opportunities.


Personal information should always first appear in a CV. They include name, address, telephone numbers (including fax) and e-mail addresses. You may place this information where they are easily accessible for immediate visibility. Usually, it is over the upper part of the first page is centered.

goals and tasks

Your resume should also include a statement of the long-term goals and short-term goals that you want to achieve in the next three to five years. Make sure that these align with the employment you are seeking, or that they components your "dream job". For example, if you are looking for an accounting position, make sure that your goals in line with the expectations for a position in accounting are.


Educational information also has its own section in your resume. This information includes your schools and universities, their locations (cities and states), the data of the pitch, major and minor, and grade point averages. If something about your education is of particular interest that have the potential employer, it before the declaration of goals and objectives.

Work experience

Your resume should include a section describing your past employment, for the position you seek. For example, the year you spent as a bartender or food server if you apply not for a job as an office manager or business partners. Consider only the name of the employer, without a job description if a particular position is not of interest to your potential new employer.


Knowledge of a variety of skills can often get the difference in a job. Include a list for the position you seek in your resume skills. Embrace office, office, management, supervisory and specific technology skills. Also include documented training in technologies such as Excel, PowerPoint or Visio. You should also include knowledge on-the-job or online training learned and acquired all the certificates or obtain state licenses.


For the convenience of your prospective employer, the names, positions, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of people you have chosen to your list of references can provide. but, many people put "references upon request" at the end of their resume.

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