The Difference a Resume


What is your consultant work?

I have worked for several outplacement firms that help job seekers to take stock of their skills and refine their strategy to find work. I have also advised many young people in search of their first job helping them to make their resume.
That can interest a recruiter in a resume and make a difference with any other nominations?

CV: What makes the difference

First mention of internships and jobs occupied the summer. In addition to the experience that could be acquired, the recruiter distinguishes first time look dynamic andmotivated by labour candidate, one who has been living and has spent all his summers at the beach.
Very often indeed, training and basic skills are present on all VCs. All have the same type of degree, the same computer and language skills. To make a difference, must be something else: a reference to an activity that shows a quality that will be appreciated in business.

What types of activities can be enjoyed?

Absolutely everything, as long as it highlights a positive feature of your personality:a liability in an association, participation in sports competitions, a project of travel that you have held yourself, a commitment to a humanitarian cause, liability youth or children, etc. I'll give you an example: a young business school graduate I knewwell sought his first job in September 2001.
After September 11, all hiring promises on which it had vanished. He showed me his CV and I suggested him to indicate the trip just to achieve throughout the summer: he had been in Jerusalem by bike! A few days after he was summoned for an interview and the entire conversation has revolved around this trip. The recruiter asked him what brought him this experience, how it is was taken there, etc. It is clear that he was intrigued by the mention of this trip, which denoted a go-getter and tireless temperament: the qualities valued in a commercial.

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