How to write professional-looking resume


Detailed and complete "experience" the most important thing

Many job seekers have such ideas, will enter the interview in their own conditions, so the resume is not important, in fact, more large companies, the recruitment procedure is perfect, only unless you can locate a specific position you are applying for or the employer must give you an interview, or a focused resume is still an integral part of your ticket.

"Thought he was professional with work experience can certainly be a few companies looking to ignore resumes the role of, and is the main reason most candidates total defeat. "Head hunters Miss Zhou said.

So, how to write a good resume as job-seekers, I have the following suggestions:

Targeted targeted

Often such cases, a company's recruitment Sales Manager, received a resume was varied: in administration, training of personnel, accounting, there is no relevant industry experience. This can only be a waste of time on both sides. While a good resume should be tailored to different positions has obvious relevance and focus. For example someone used to work in the personnel administration, when he was the personnel manager for the position, and should focus on his experience in personnel and capacity details, not the main points, Xuan dye much administrative experience, however.

Independent experience and strive to simple

If you are not a graduate, not bound to you in school history are listed (except some outstanding skills). But if you have received professional training in work or awards should not be listed, training can make the staff more quickly master a skill or method of operation, it is very important for the actual ability to work.

Work experience is a top priority

Many job seekers view your resume is called Jane, will only list the name of the company he used to work and positions. In fact, companies now abound, even internationally renowned companies, its different branches also operate different kinds of products, not to mention some other small and medium sized companies. So the employer cannot know what business you are in a company name. So simple it is necessary one of, the content should include the company's products and services, as well as the status and influence in the industry and other relevant instructions. Of special note is that certain candidates for personal reasons, the company name is omitted, it is unwise, will miss the opportunity to also make employers doubt the sincerity of your job search.

Job description as necessary, because the same job in different industries, different companies have different connotations. Practitioners to engage in sales and marketing jobs, if performance data to illustrate my point more convincing if IT talent, computer languages and applications used in the cited work is essential. In addition, conditions permitting, you can also set out in the back of every job reason for leaving, that would make the employer you have a more comprehensive understanding, so as to apply to your success play a helping role. Finally add that point is that written Chinese duration, timing of work experience from my first job and write up to recent job, resume the order, on the contrary, is from the most recent write to first job.

End resume should have a short self evaluation

Above mentioned just describe your education and work experience in the past, it doesn't fully show your ability. In self-evaluation, describe personal advantage specialty, employer awareness of you will be even stronger, which play a key role.

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